Taymar Sales U

Taymar Sales U. was started in 2019 with one simple idea in mind: create a ticket sales model that serves the client schools better while recruiting top-tier individuals and investing in their growth. 
Since its inception, Taymar has grown not only in number of clients, but also in the scope of work it does by generating results for clients in a cross functional manner. Whether it be in college athletics departments or professional sports teams, our colleagues will be equipped with the tools to grow their career while driving success through tickets sales, ticket operations, sponsorship and annual fundraising for our clients.
Through our robust training, development and coaching processes, Taymar is able to provide growth opportunities to their colleagues as the company continues to flourish. Weekly one-on-ones, cross property communication and bi-weekly development sessions are a few examples of ways Taymar support its teammates.
For more information about Taymar Sales U. visit taymarsalesu.com or follow us on Twitter @taymarsalesu

Director of Ticket Sales - North Dakota Athletics

Taymar Sales U.

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