FIFA World Cup 2026

FIFA World Cup 2026

Head of Personnel and Facilities Security, FIFA World Cup 2026 - FIFA World Cup 2026 (Miami · FL)

FIFA World Cup 2026
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The Head of Personnel and Facilities Security for FIFA26, Inc will be tasked with overseeing facility and personnel security for tournament offices and staff. This will entail executing key responsibilities aligned with best practices in human resources duty of care and safety and security management. 

Reporting to the Chief Safety and Security Officer, this role will manage the planning and delivery of safety and security services for the offices in Miami, Toronto, and Mexico City, including any required liaison with the relevant authorities. Working closely with FIFA counterparts from the Human Resources, Office Management, Travel, and FIFA Corporate Security, the Head of Personnel and Facilities Security will be responsible for implementation of corporate security policies and procedures related to access control, CCTV and related technology, backgrounds and due diligence matters, and travel security. 


The main responsibilities of the Head of Personnel and Facilities Security for FIFA26 include: 
  • Develop and implement access control measures to safeguard FIFA World Cup 2026 office spaces, ensuring that only authorized personnel have entry. 
  • Collaborate with relevant departments to establish secure entry points, electronic access systems, and visitor management protocols in alignment with FIFA Corporate Security and FIFA26. 
  • Liaison and integration with FIFA Corporate Security to support the local security needs of the President’s office. 
  • Oversee the deployment of surveillance cameras and other security technologies to enhance the overall security coverage at FIFA26 facilities. 
  • Collaborate with IT and HR teams to ensure the integration of processes and solutions for effective monitoring and incident response. 
  • Lead FIFA26 efforts to integrate safety and emergency preparedness into daily operations, including awareness and training in first aid, CPR/AED, fire prevention, hurricane readiness, active shooter awareness, and preparedness for other threats to personnel and facilities. 
  • Work with Human Resources to establish and implement rigorous background screening processes for personnel and contractors in alignment with FIFA policies. 
  • Conduct due diligence as required for entities engaged in critical roles, ensuring alignment with security and organizational standards. 
  • Collaborate with HR and legal teams to address any security concerns identified during background screening processes. 
  • Develop and communicate comprehensive travel security policies for FIFA26 staff, ensuring their safety during domestic and international travel. 
  • Collaborate with the FIFA26 travel team and external security providers to implement protocols for secure transportation, accommodation, and communication, as required. 
  • Provide pre-travel briefings and resources to enhance staff awareness and preparedness for potential security risks. 
  • Conduct regular training sessions to educate personnel on recognizing and reporting suspicious behaviour. 
  • Develop and implement comprehensive onboarding processes for FIFA26 safety and security personnel, ensuring alignment with the FIFA26 office policies. 
  • Support the implementation of the FIFA26 Safety and Security Department’s Command, Control, Communications, and Coordination (C4) strategy, including playing a key role in the command and control structure implemented by the department. 
  • Prepare reports on the status of safety and security operations and present to the Chief Safety and Security Officer as required.

  • Bachelor’s degree or similar education / experience in safety, security, policy development, and event management. 
  • Minimum of five years of progressive experience in security management, with a focus on Personnel and Facilities security. 
  • Certifications in security management, such as Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), or Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP), would be beneficial.  
  • Ability to work effectively with stakeholders at all levels.  
  • Understanding of security vendor/supplier regulations in the USA, CAN and MEX. 
  • Experience in developing and executing crisis management and emergency response plans.  
  • Experience working in multicultural environments. 
  • In-depth knowledge of access control systems, surveillance technologies, and other security-related technologies. 
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken) 
  • Additional languages are an asset (Spanish, in particular) 
  • Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio and Project), planning software and online collaboration tools. 
  • Proficient in Open-Source Intelligence Tools, patron screening technology, biometric identity solutions, enterprise access control technology, and video analytics systems.   

About FWC2026

The FIFA World Cup 26™ will mark the first time that the tournament features 48 teams and will be hosted by three countries: Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

This new format redefines excellence, generating unique opportunities for greater participation and engagement from fans and players in North America and all over the world. Now is your time to be a game changer and join the workforce that is planning and delivering this unique and unforgettable experience.


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