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3 - 6 - 12 month Paid Apprenticeship, TeamWork Online

TeamWork Online - Intern
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Are you a recent graduate looking for a 3 - 6 - or 12-month role that boosts your career in the sports industry?
TeamWork Online is the unquestioned software technology leader in bringing together 7M+ highly-skilled and passionate sports career enthusiasts with 1,500+ sports organizations.  In our 3- 6 -12-month apprenticeship, you can see all of sport, be exposed to all leaders in the sports industry and all facets of business, and build skills in customer service, social media, marketing, sales, event management, and data analytics.  If a full-time job opens up with our team, our apprentices are the first to be considered.

What makes us different? We empower our staff to do things that impact the business and the industry on a day-to-day basis. Our team is exposed to the brightest and best in sports.  Apprentices meet executives at local teams and sports businesses all over the country from the day they start.  We educate our team on the industry (past, present, and future) as well as on our business.  Everyone gets a chance to do sales, marketing, service, and analytics.  We value our team, our clients, and our job seekers.  We believe our business is all about our relationships and streamlining the recruiting process through technology, service, education, networking and face-to-face interactions. 

What’s our record of success with apprentices? Typically, our apprentices are either offered a job here at TeamWork or we help to place them with one of our clients. 

What are we looking for?
  • A current student or a recent graduate.
  • Curiosity.  We don't want followers.  We want people who think of new ways to do things. 
  • High Achiever and Hard worker.  We want you to want to work hard, learn a lot, and be excited to learn more than you can imagine.  Believe it or not, we do pay attention to overall GPA.
  • Quick.  Typing, writing, reading, figuring out solutions, providing answers, and completing assignments.  We want you to handle your responsibilities efficiently and strive to become more strategic. 
  • High attention to detail.  We don't like making mistakes; we hope that's one of your compulsions too.
  • Great at writing.  We write in complete sentences.  Proper grammar and spelling is essential.
  • Passion for the sports industry.  If you want to be a leader in the industry, there is no better place to get a full view of your options.
  • Happy. We work with people who are happy with themselves and bring a positive attitude to work each day.

What will you do? Our apprentices support the work of our client services team, senior leadership, and business development teams.  Apprentices perform research, post on social media, implement marketing tactics to promote open positions, directly interact with both clients and candidates, and are allowed a strong voice in the company. This is real work that affects the business, not just "errands."  Additionally, we spend time each week educating our interns on issues of the company and the industry to better prepare them for the future. 

Responsibilities: Here are some examples of potential duties.
  • Communication: Keeping staff up to date with sports industry news.
  • Client Services: Assisting in communication with candidates in regards to open positions posted on our site.
  • Research & Analytics: Examining hiring trends and other data from our system.
  • Social Media: Creating social media posts,  finding social media data, and uploading the weekly blog, video editing, and other social media projects.
  • Teammate Events: Assisting with emails, logistical information, and tracking ticketing numbers for our open events.

Please fill out the cover letter. We want to see how well you write and want to see that you are not just fishing for any job - hint hint....

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

Job Questions:

  1. When are you available to start working?

  2. We believe that being with other team members can enhance your understanding of the business. Are you able to work in any of our offices?

  3. How many hours each week are you available to work?

  4. Why are you interested in working for TeamWork Online?

  5. Would you prefer to join for a 3, 6, or 12-month apprenticeship?

  6. In what area are you most skilled?