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About Staff Pro:
Staff Pro​, an affiliate of Allied Universal is nationally recognized as an industry leading crowd management, event staffing, and consulting company providing experienced and trained professional personnel and managed services to every type of venue and event imaginable.  With team members servicing thousands of shows and events at hundreds of facilities annually, Staff Pro is "Preferred by clients and Loved by guests" across the nation.

Job Title: Branch Manager
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Type of Position: Full Time/Exempt

General Description:
Responsible for the initiation and provisioning of direction for the overall operation of the geographically area assigned.  Plans, organizes, coordinates and directs all activities and personnel engaged in maintaining and operating a branch office, its’ physical location, equipment, finances, and personnel along with promoting a consistent delivery of service that reflects the Staff Pro business plan, business model, vision statement, core values, it’s mission statement, and directives of the corporation.

Duties and responsibilities include the provisioning of leadership and direction to subordinate operating staff and their departments at the highest level of employee morale, safety, service, appearance and performance levels are in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.  Ensures the formulation and execution of such plans and their directives while communicating clearly and concisely, orally and in writing. 

Primary Responsibilities:
Field Operations
  • Routinely reviews the field coordination, implementation, and administration, and administration of specific plans and programs prescribed by Sr. Director’s directive, to include:  matters of training and development, quality assurance, and consistent delivery of service for assigned account.
  • Routinely requires and reviews, for day-to-day field operations and consistent delivery of service, all Critical Basic Tasks (CBT’s): Including but not limited to: Event Box, DES Sheet, Deployment Sheets, Post Orders, etc.
  • Ensures “core levels” are being met or exceeded with the right people.  Communicates often with Vice President on staffing levels and availability.
  • Maintains a succession plan/core depth charts for key positions/personnel.
  • Attends client meetings, security meetings, and event walk-through(s).
  • Ensures all staff is briefed properly and prepared for each event.
  • Prepares and disseminates event post orders to each employee working each event as assigned venue/event.
  • Ensures all labor laws are being adhered to (rest and meal periods executed per law, check-in/check-out procedure is followed, etc.). 
  • Promotes Staff Pro’s Grooming and Appearance Policy.
  • Completes all paperwork per policy (incident reports, worker’s compensation filings, etc.) and turns it in to the appropriate parties.
  • Maintain constant communication with Vice President regarding client issues or concerns, employee performance issues, guest complaints, injuries, or other important facts related to account/event assigned. 
  • Creates venue dot maps.
  • Creates information sheets.

  • Submits invoices according to company procedure. 
  • Facilitate and support the financial commitment of the account/event.
  • Monitors billing rates vs. pay rates to ensure account and/or event is operating within the business model.
  • Analyze overtime reports weekly and put oversight in place to lessen the potential for future non-billable overtime.  
  • Complete, review, approve, and submit event invoice ensuring it is accurate.
  • Submits monthly inventory list.
  • Responsible for payroll based on company procedure.
Human Resources:
  • Ultimately responsible for the branch’s recruiting and hiring 
  • Responsible for handling employee issues in accordance with Company policy
  • Attends staff meetings and training sessions as instructed by Vice President
  • Other tasks as assigned.
  • Responsible for communicating schedule to employees per set procedure.
  • Responsible for scheduling appropriate staff based on post order.
  • Works with assigned Scheduler
Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
  1. Skill requirements include providing of leadership and direction to subordinate operating staff and their departments at the highest level of employee morale, safety, service, appearance, and performance levels.
  2. Must be educated on applicable local, state, and federal laws/regulations; including, but not limited to:  security licensing and post requirements, rest and meal periods, and overtime laws.
  3. Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  4. Team player that is able to build employee morale.
  5. Must be well versed in Staff Pro’s policies and procedures.
  6. Must maintain a valid security license.
  7. Must maintain a valid driver’s license.
  8. Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 lbs, stand for long periods of time (often in excess of 12 hours), walk up and downstairs, quickly respond to emergency situations, and work in various elements (heat, rain, etc.).
  9. Night, overnight, weekend, and holiday work is required.
  10. Meets or exceeds all deadlines. 
  11. Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
  12. 5 years’ experience in event security and/or related field OR 4-year degree in related field and 1 year event management experience.

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