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Internship: Internship
*In order to be considered for this role, after clicking "apply now" above and being redirected, you must fully complete the application process on the follow-up screen. *

Fall Internship Opportunity 


Office (Weekly Tasks)
  • Signage Organization: Help organize banners for all properties by game in their designated totes. Assuring all signs are number if needed and have correct verbiage on them.
  • Catering Organization: Reviewing all UF and FL/GA catering orders in binder to assure purchased orders are correct and that we are making 20% on all orders. You will also be responsible for organizing these in UF game day binders for every game.
  • Bellhops: You will be responsible for helping staff secure bellhops for the season.
  • Number Game Day Maps: Helping property manager number UF site maps online to assure all tailgates have an allocated spot and number.
  • Parking: Assuring that all guests who have purchased a parking pass has received there allocated parking pass.
  • Picnic Packs: Prepping game day picnic packs for production team to put on the trucks for every game.
  • Post-Game Thank You Notes / Calls: Calling clients after game day to thank them for attending and checking on their experience. Upselling for potential future game purchase.
  • Helping with other office duties as needed

Game Day
  • You will be responsible for leading and delegating all bellhops on game day. 
    • Drop Off 
    • On top of Generator Refills 
    • Trash 
    • Soft Break Down 
  • You will be a point of contact in the welcome tent for guests to ask questions about any game day needs.

Pay: $12 Hourly Rate
Game Day Attire: You will be given a manager polo for property. Khaki pants and tennis shoes.
Office Hours: Flexible on office hours
Travel: Optional* You are able to attend as a lead to help other properties on game days that are not your assigned school home game weekends.