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Ticket Experience Coordinator

The Savannah Bananas
Ticket Operations: Box Office Management

Note: this job is closed to new applications.

Who are the Savannah Bananas?

    The Savannah Bananas have become a national brand with appearances on ESPN, MSNBC and CNN. The team is growing exponentially after selling out their entire season and selling merchandise all over the world. We are in the entertainment business and believe we can change the world by providing the most unique form of sports and entertainment 365 days a year.

Ticket Experience Coordinator Vision

    The role of Ticket Operations goes much further than just the physical tickets however. It is extremely important for us to focus on every single step of the ticketing process; purchasing, delivery/pick-up, first glance, simplicity, execution, and more.

We need to take each touch point on as a project that deserves deep thought and input from multiple sources both in house and in other areas. For example, if we only look at how other teams or event venues design and deliver tickets, we cannot be better than them. Instead, let’s examine other industries and find out what they are doing for delivery and presentation of their goods. Apple, for example, takes pride in the simplicity of their white box with only a solitary logo. It’s clean and on-brand for them. Let’s find out what the best way for our fans to receive something from us is.

Another major touchpoint is gameday ticket operations. What does the best possible experience for our fans on gameday look like? Where do they walk? What do they see? Who do they talk to? How do we do our jobs in a way that makes their experience simple, fun, and exciting.

This position will also require you to work closely with the entire sales staff to make sure that all accounts are taken care of. If we are going to over-deliver on our already stellar reputation with our members, we as a staff need to work very cohesively to deliver on all of our touch points.

Ticket Experience Coordinator Responsibilities

    The Ticket Experience position will allow you to impact every single person that comes to a Bananas game. For this reason, we are looking for an awesome candidate to take on some very important responsibilities. While we all coordinate and help each other out, the main focuses of this position are as followed.

Gameday ticket operations: You will handle printing, set-up, preparation, and execution of ticket purchase, pick-up, and entry. You will lead a group of 6-8 gameday staff members who will be taking tickets, working our ticket windows, and handling ticket related questions and purchases. You will also work closely with the Director of Tickets, Director of Groups, Vice President, and Team President to assist with their group tickets and gather attendance numbers quickly and efficiently.

Ticket Printing: This position will require a willingness to learn the ins and outs of our ticket software and printing process. You will have the opportunity to create a process for printing and organization that benefits everyone and is the best use of time for everyone involved.

Ticket questions: You will be the front lines for incoming calls and emails about ticket related questions. This will require interaction with our fans and some sales conversation strategies. We will practice, include you, and hand over questions to you until you are comfortable with any question you may get. There will also be an aspect of improvisation and judgement involved as well. If you always revert back to our Fans First mentality and apply it to every situation, we can solve any issue that might arise. Eventually, you will become to go-to person for ticket related questions from our fans and staff.


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