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Director, Performance - UFCPI - Mexico City with UFC in Mexico City

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Player Operations: General Manager
Become a Champion with us:
Just like the way our fighters prepare with their training partners to be the very best, here at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) we encourage that type of teamwork. A UFC employee, like a mixed martial artist, is well-rounded and willing to put in the time necessary to be world-class. With a team of champions in the office, the UFC has fought relentlessly to break into the sports world with undeniable success. Our growth both in and outside of the Octagon has revolutionized the fight business and made the UFC the world’s leading mixed martial arts promoter and largest pay-per-view event provider. We are universally recognized for our action-packed, can’t-miss events that have sold out some of the most prestigious arenas around the globe. Come join us as we progress at a rate never-before-seen in the professional sports world.

The UFC, owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, has offices in United States, London, Toronto, Singapore. Sao Paulo, Shanghai and soon Mexico City.

This position will be located in Mexico City.  Please apply only if you are interested and able to relocate if applicable.

SRI is partnering with UFC to help with this role so if you apply your information will be shared with SRI and an SRI representative may contact you directly. 

Strategy for Winning:
Aligned with the overall strategy of the UFC and the UFC Performance Institute (UFCPI) the Director, Performance will lead the development and implementation of all performance aspects within the UFCPI - Mexico. This role will work closely with the VP, Performance - UFCPI to develop Mexico’s leading training institution in terms of performance, welfare, and research into MMA and combat sports.
  •  Assumes a leadership role of the UFCPI – Mexico City.
         Asumir un papel de liderazgo del UFC PI – Ciudad de México.
  • Develops third-party consultant relationships. Forms strategic partnerships with industry leaders in performance.
           Desarrollar relaciones de consultoría con terceros. Formar alianzas
           estratégicas con líderes de la industria en rendimiento.
  • Develops and implements support systems to aid in athlete assessments, and data collection and management.
           Desarrollar e implementar sistemas de apoyo para asistir en las
           valoraciones de los atletas, y recolección de datos y manejo.
  • Cultivates relationships with athletes, coaches, and gyms to distribute evidence-based relevant information.
          Cultivar relaciones con los atletas, entrenadores, y gimnasios para
          distribuir información relevante basada en evidencia.
  • Works with Academy athletes in their all-round development. 
         Trabaja con atletas de la Academia en su desarrollo integral. 
  • Establishes performance protocols.
         Establecer protocolos de rendimiento
  • Establishes agreed-upon performance metric targets.
          Establecer objetivos previamente acordados de rendimiento.
  • Performs on-going training with athletes, coaches, and UFCPI staff members to ensure continued professional development and adherence to professional codes of conduct. 
          Realizar entrenamiento continuo con atletas, entrenadores, y miembros
         del equipo de UFC PI para asegurar el desarrollo profesional continuo y la
         adherencia a los códigos de conducta profesionales. 
  • Performs other tasks, projects, and responsibilities to establish a world class performance facility.
          Realizar otras tareas, proyectos y responsabilidades para establecer una
          instalación de desempeño de clase mundial.
Skills & Experience:
  • Post Graduate Degree in Exercise Science or other related curriculum required. PhD preferred.
          Titulo Post Grado en Ciencia de Ejercicio u otro currículo relacionado
          requerido.Doctorado preferido.
  • 7+ years of high-level technical management experience in science, research, and strength and conditioning fields. 
          + de 7 años de experiencia en administración técnica de alto nivel en
           los campos de ciencia, investigación, y fuerza y acondicionamiento.
  • Certification as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and/or Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES). 
           Certificación como un Especialista Certificado de Fuerza y
           Acondicionamiento (CSCS), un Especialista de Ejercicio Correctivo
           (CES), y/o Especialista de Mejoramiento de Desempeño (PES).
  • Previous experience leading a high performance environment with elite athletes and coaches.
          Experiencia previa trabajando de forma efectiva en un ambiente de
          alto rendimiento con atletas y entrenadores de elite.
  • Proven track record of achieving success in a high performance environment.
         Historial comprobado de éxito en un entorno de alto rendimiento. 
  • Personal or professional experience in combat or contact sport is preferred, but not required.
          Experiencia profesional o personal en combate o deportes de
          contacto es preferida, más no requerida.
  • Understanding of the demands of MMA (i.e. physical, physiology, gender-specific, weight categories, weight management, travel requirements, etc.). 
         Comprensión de las demandas de las AMM (p.ej. físico, fisiología,
         especificaciones-de -género, categorías de peso, administración de
         peso, requisitos de viaje, etc).
  • Understanding of existing evidence-based research, and the implementation of new research areas to enhance the sport, athletes, and coaches.
          Comprensión de la evidencia existente, basada en la investigación, y
          la implementación de nuevas áreas de investigación para mejorar el
          deporte, a los atletas, y a los entrenadores.

Endeavor is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment. 

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. This position is located in Mexico City. Are you willing to relocate for the position if selected?