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PIVOT is a Bay Area sports and entertainment marketing startup making a name for itself in a fast-paced and dynamic industry. Our mission is to create innovative business-to-business opportunities and to unite brands and properties in lasting partnerships that channel the emotional energy of sports into profitable and meaningful consumer engagement.

The Marketing Coordinator at Pivot is responsible for four (4) primary duties:
1.     Providing support for external client brand business services
2.     Coordinating marketing and business services for internal Pivot Divisions
3.     Coordinating and Executive Producing Pivot Marketing and Event initiatives 
4.     Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint and graphic design for Pivot Agency Presentations

Support for External Client Brand Business Services
The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for helping the Account Directors and VP’s on external client business which may include, but will not be limited to; creative support, activation and event production, research and other duties assigned by senior account leadership.The Marketing Coordinator is a creative problem solver. He/She will be expected to support all agency activation initiatives, manage timelines, track projects, draft meeting reports, and be an agency and industry thought leader.Reporting to the EVP, the Marketing Coordinator will be an integral part of the pitch team by building decks and supporting new business development.  

  • As directed by client leadership, the Marketing Coordinator will be sufficiently informed and personally involved in external account business, providing good service and reinforcing a solid client/agency relationship.·       
  • The Marketing Coordinator, if attending client meetings, will draft client-facing meeting reports and send them to meeting participants and appropriate parties as directed.·       
  • As directed, the Marketing Coordinator will ensure the timely development and execution of sponsorship plans, campaigns, and projects.·       
  • Maintains open and complete communications of Client issues with functional leaders and corporate management.·       
  • Will be first-line creative director for assigned projects, and “sell-in” concepts for clients and new business prospects.

Coordinating Marketing and Business Services for Internal Pivot Divisions 
The Brand Division is a center of excellence for marketing within Pivot.  To that end, our goal is to help our internal divisions with marketing functions, including, but not limited to; all external communications including pitch decks, digital and web presence, social media posts, advertisements; events executed on behalf of the divisions (such as the Pivot Summer League function for Pivot Travel); public relations and other functions as assigned by leadership.

  • Under the direction of the EVP Brand, the Marketing Coordinator will ensure sales executives have creative and impactful meeting and presentation tools by providing creative or design work, or managing the creative process including decks, collateral, digital images, and other as appropriate.·       
  • Managing Events for divisions when asked to do so.  Part of these responsibilities will be delegation of duties among Pivot staff.  Further, the Marketing Coordinator will advise leadership on when to utilize external resources.  
    • The Marketing Coordinator will bring in EVP as or if necessary, to support recommendations/leadership role as appropriate.
  • Building positive collaborative relationships with internal staff.  This should be a two-way street, but if not, the Marketing Coordinator will bring issues to the attention of EVP.
  • Executing research with our Pivot suite of services.

Pivot Marketing and Event Initiatives
The Marketing Coordinator will work alongside other Brand Division and agency leadership and employees to build Pivot’s brand.  The Marketing Coordinator will be the primary project manager to provide tactical leadership across a multitude of communications channels.

  • Ensuring Pivot external communications are targeted, incorporate an appropriate “look”, grow brand equity, and drive business, or create/reinforce positive perceptions of Pivot.·       
  • Leading Events, when directed, to enhance Pivot’s business or commercial goals.·   
  • Recommendations regarding social media and event strategies.·       
  • Providing creative or design work, or managing the creative process including decks, collateral, digital images, and other as appropriate. 

Job Performance Evaluation:
●      Must show skills growth and ability to creative problem-solve
●      Execute high quality work quickly and efficiently
●      Ability to generate and maintain relationships, both internal Pivot employees, and external vendors, work partners and clients
●      Ability to act in the best interest of company objectives and collaborate with fellow team members and senior leadership
●      Ability to use sound judgment and personal discretion in representing the company’s values and objectives inside and outside of the office

Required Education and Experience:
●      BA/BS in Business, Communications, Sports Management, Marketing or other related disciplines
●      1+ years employment experience in sports, marketing, sales, sponsorship or communications 

Preferred Skills & Qualifications
●      Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 
●      Microsoft Office and Google Suite proficiency
●      Excellent presentation, written, and oral communication skills
●      Acute attention to detail, organization and efficiency

Job Questions:

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