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Carolina Hurricanes

Head Athletic Trainer -Chicago Wolves (AHL)

AHL Affiliate (Chicago Wolves) - Manager
Rosemont · IL
Player Operations: Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapy/Doctor
The Head Athletic Trainer is responsible for the prevention of athletic injuries; the maintenance of the health and well-being; and the recuperation and rehabilitation following illness, injury, or surgery of all players under contract to the Chicago Wolves

The Head Athletic Trainer works under the supervision and in direct contact with the Carolina Hurricanes Head Athletic Trainer and team physicians, with the aim of fielding a healthy squad of players for the Chicago Wolves pre-season, regular season and post-season practices, exhibitions and games.

Major Responsibilities and Representative Task
Oversee all health care of the players and staff...
  • First point of contact for all medical issues for players, coaching staff and management
  • Direct and/or provide medical care as needed from the first report of the condition/injury to complete return to health
  • Work in conjunction with the Team physician 
Oversee Daily treatment of players and coordination of all health care through team doctors and medical support staff...
  • Conduct pre and post-game/practice rehab and treatment 
  • Implement and conduct daily treatment protocols as directed by team physician
  • Coordinate all doctor appointments (i.e., X ray, MRI, CT, etc…) to fit the needs of the athlete and organization
  • Communication with all “specialty” doctors (dental, physical medicine, ENT, dermatology, etc…) 
 Oversee budget for athletic training department
  • Meet periodically with management to review current budgetary issues and discuss further budget concerns
  • Research new and innovative ways to improve the quality of care without increasing costs
  • Research different companies to compete for cost effectiveness
  • When appropriate, utilize player personal insurance to offset any expenses to the organization
 Oversee game day medical needs...
  • Meet with paramedic supervisor prior to the season to review schedule and access (per AHL guidelines, when applicable)
  • Meet with paramedic crew on game days/nights to discuss emergency action plan
Maintain all medical records per AHL guidelines.  Maintain and develop, when applicable, database of injuries, training and medical related information (inclusion of outside source medical providers)...
  • Maintain daily treatment records and rehab notes for each player and their respective injuries
  • Maintain medication usage for all prescription medication and review with team physician
Maintain Athletic Training room...
  • Overall cleaning- reduce risk of infection and viruses (MRSA, etc…)
  • Ensure a safe and clean working environment for players and staff
  • Stock and organize all necessary medical supplies
Daily Communication of player health status with coaching staff, management and physicians...
  • Communicate with the players daily on their health status
  • Discuss progressions and medical updates with injured player
  • Discuss updates daily with coaching staff and management staff regarding the health of the players
  • If injuries, include updates on progress and potential return to play parameters
  • Communicate player medical updates with team physicians for continued medical attention, until the player has returned to full play
Direct contact for the AHL Drug Testing program...
  • Liaison between AHL security rep, the independent testing company and the player(s) being tested
  • Upon notification from the independent testing company, the AHL Head Athletic trainer shall secure space for the testing to be held and ensure that it is set up according to AHL requirements
  • Assist player(s) in completing the test (notifications, documentation, hydration, etc…)
 Assist with Workman’s Compensation...
  • File “first report of injury” upon player(s) becoming injured (on line available)
  • Communicate with medical facilities regarding work comp information for the player
  • Follow up with insurance company of players’ status and return to play
  • Assist with any billing issues for further clarification and prompt payment or reimbursement
 Coordinate off season medical programs
  • Work with Hurricanes medical and Strength & Conditioning staff to implement and execute off season rehabilitation programs
  • Coordinate any post-season surgeries needed with the team physicians, therapists, management and player
  • Coordinate any post-season rehabilitation assignments with team physicians, management and player
  • Continually update off season medical condition of players with team physicians and management team
 Hurricanes responsibilities
  • Attend Carolina Hurricanes Development, Rookie and Training Camps as outlined by Hurricanes Medical Staff
  • Dependent upon Chicago’s playoff status, report to Raleigh for coverage during the NHL Playoffs as directed by the Hurricanes Medical Staff
 Remain updated on AHL communication...
  • Read and file all AHL emails regarding medical standards of practice
  • Liaison with the AHL league office regarding the compliance and implementation of medical standards as directed by the AHL legal department 

Qualifications and Experience Needed
  •  Must maintain active certification as an Athletic Trainer (must be in good standing with NATA or CATA)
  • Must maintain active licensure for Athletic Training in the State of Illinois
  • Proficient in equipment use and knowledge of OSHA standard including blood borne pathogens
  • Demonstrate exceptional ability on treatment routines; injury assessment, athletic tape application and use of rehab equipment
  • Maintain current CPR Professional Rescuer certification
  • Excellent Verbal and Written communication skills
  • Bachelors degree in Athletic Training required (Masters Preferred)
  • Ice hockey experience preferred
  • Must pass a criminal background check

Successful candidate must be legally authorized to work in the US without sponsorship.

Hurricanes Holding, LLC reserves the right to change or modify the employee's job description whether orally or in writing, at any time during the employment relationship. Hurricanes Holdings, LLC may require an employee to perform duties outside his/her normal description. This document in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

Job Questions:

  1. Have you ever been convicted or pled gulity to a crime excluding minor traffic offenses? If yes, fully explain. A conviction does not necessarily exclude you from employment.