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2023 Long-Term Merchandise Internship - United States Golf Association (USGA)

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The USGA is a leader in the global golf industry, whose purpose is to unify the game through programs like the World Handicap System, to showcase the best talent in the game through championships, to govern the game to promote fairness for all who play, and to advance the game and golf courses through innovation and science and programs that grow participation. 

Are you looking to join a dynamic team that works together to promote and conserve the true spirit of the game of golf?


The USGA is looking for a strong applicant to serve as Merchandise & Licensing Long Term Intern. The position will run from early February 2023 through late August 2023. This person will assist the USGA Merchandise and Licensing department and get an inside look at what happens in the time leading up to our Championships season and more closely, the experience on-site at the U.S. Open Championship. This is a great opportunity to learn about the lifecycle of a product, as well as gain a better understanding of the different merchandise & licensing roles within the department.

This basic timeline should give you an idea of the many roles you will play throughout this internship. From your work in-person at our office in Liberty Corner assisting with our merchandise experience and operation, to your time in the Merchandise Pavilion with some of the biggest golf merchandise and apparel brands, you will leave with a greater understanding of the merchandise operation of a major Championship.

Early February – April (Approx. 40 hours/week; Liberty Corner, NJ)

  • Cross-functional exposure to the USGA and our strategy & approach towards our Merchandise & Licensing functions
  • Opportunity to learn and contribute to a variety of aspects within the Merchandise & Licensing department (Merchandise Volunteer Program, Merchandise Vendor Relations, Merchandise Operations, Merchandise Services, Marketing, Licensing Programs, etc.)
  • Specific responsibilities will include work across the U.S. Open Championship and future Championships
  • Organization and distribution of purchase orders
  • Maintaining vendor requirements checklists
  • Sending out survey’s and reminders
  • Mapping out the 2023 USO surrounding area
  • Creating a “go-to” guide for the short-term interns
  • Other smaller miscellaneous duties from other individuals on the team

Early May (Approx. 40 hours/week; The Los Angeles Country Club (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Assist with on-site office set up and organizational projects
  • Assist with receiving incoming merchandise for the U.S. Open in the merchandise compound

○ This involves moving boxes, counting product, and loading/organizing the boxes onto trucks

○ Work with over 50 merchandise brands such as Peter Millar, G/FORE, Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, etc., and representing the USGA well

Mid-May (Approx. 50 hours/week)

  • Assist the merchandise staff in the on-site office

○ This includes maintaining the office, assisting with the on-boarding of short-term interns, helping receive smaller orders and assisting with merchandise volunteer packets, vendor credentials, and more

  • Assist with U.S. Open Volunteer Orientation / Training Sessions
  • Assist with our Volunteer Apparel Exchange Program

○ This involves setting up Volunteer and Marshal Apparel at an off-site location to provide Volunteers with an opportunity to change sizes in their uniform prior to the start of the event. This service will continue on-site once the event is underway.

Late May (Including Memorial Day Weekend) (Approx. 60 hours/week)

  • Assist with merchandise set-up and visual displays in the 24,000 square foot Merchandise Pavilion

○ This includes working with vendors to move product into the tent, organizing back-stock, visual merchandising, cleaning/moving fixtures, and other various jobs in preparation for the Grand Opening

Early June (Approx. 70 hours/week)

  • Assist in the final preparations for the Merchandise Pavilion and Satellite Tent

○ This involves creating signage, organizing the POS stations, helping our visual merchandiser dress mannequins and more.

  • Help with a variety of PR projects, promotions, and mailings to help promote our pre-championship merchandise opening.

Mid/Late June (U.S. Open) (Approx. 90 - 105 hours/week)

  • Assist our full-time merchandise staff in running the Merchandise Pavilion for the U.S. Open.
  • You will be assigned to three unique shifts throughout the day. From customer service to inventory management, help maintain the Pavilion and Satellite Tent and more.
  • This includes working beside over 1,150 volunteers in various areas of the merchandise operation. You will have an opportunity to manage a group of volunteers and work with them to ensure each area of the merchandise operation is running efficiently.
  • Assist Merchandise Volunteer Chairman with check-in.
  • Assist with checking in any replenishment orders on the dock during the event. In addition to that, preparing products as necessary prior to hitting the sales floor. This may include, applying the necessary barcodes or removing them from any packaging.

Late June – Late August (Approx. 30 - 40 hours/week)

  • Assist with the breakdown of the merchandise operation.

○ This includes post-event sales and ending inventory procedures.

○ Help with coordinating donation program to First Tee programs and other charities.

○ Work closely with fixture company and help pack trailers.

○ Help to organize donation pick-ups.

○ Coordinate any staff sale activities upon return to Liberty Corner.

*The hours per week indicated above, are averages based off previous years.

*Candidates must be capable to assist in the movement of boxes weighing approximately 30-70 lbs., especially during early May and Memorial Day weekend.


  • USGA Staff
  • Merchandise Vendors/Sales Representatives
  • U.S. Open Volunteers


  • Teamwork

○ Communication is the key to being successful in this role. Working together with fellow interns to execute daily tasks is one of your main responsibilities.

  • Leadership

○ Opportunity to lead volunteers and become a resource for the Merchandise Staff to communicate to vendors and other USGA Staff. Play a huge role as eye and ears of the operation.

  • Creativity

○ Freedom to create and take ownership of a project. Great opportunity to present new ideas. Influence on Visual Merchandising during tent stocking.

  • Flexibility

○ Ability to jump from task to task quickly as well as picking up where someone left off on any given project. In this role, you will learn flexibility is key, in order to adjust the plan under different circumstances to achieve the same goal.

What you bring to the USGA:

About the USGA

The USGA is a nonprofit organization that celebrates, serves and advances the game of golf. Founded in 1894, we conduct many of golf’s premier professional and amateur championships, including the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open. With The R&A, we govern the sport via a global set of playing, equipment, handicapping and amateur status rules. The USGA campus in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, is home to the Association’s Research an
d Test Center, where science and innovation are fueling a healthy and sustainable game for the future. The campus is also home to the USGA Golf Museum, where we honor the game by curating the world’s most comprehensive archive of golf artifacts. To learn more, visit usga.org.

The United States Golf Association is an Equal Opportunity Employer