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Overtime Elite (OTE) is searching for a dynamic administrator to serve as our Senior  Administrator of Academics. Under the direction of the Head of Academics, the Senior Administrator will be responsible for oversight and implementation of our instructional program and the daily academic operations for our cohort of up to 30 elite student athletes. They will work to actively implement the mission of OTE and ensure that all academic goals for the athletes are met and that athletes are on track for graduation upon the completion of their senior year. This senior leadership position includes responsibility for all areas of student academic life including, student support services, daily operations, student activities, counseling, and academic guidance. In addition to supervising and monitoring daily academic life, the Senior Administrator will be responsible for creating an academic culture within the academy that focuses on supporting athletes with reaching their academic and social emotional goals through personalized learning systems with educator support.  This role will supervise a staff of 5-6 learning facilitators (teachers) and will work closely with Mental Wellness Coach to create a learning environment focused on student agency, personalized learning, and supportive academic and mental wellness systems. This role provides leadership for the academic staff and facilitates professional learning opportunities designed to strengthen educator practice.

The OTE academic experience is designed around the concept of personalized learning with educator support. Throughout their time at OTE, athletes will have multiple opportunities to design their own learning path and progress at the appropriate pace. The Senior Administrator will play a key role in structuring the personalized learning experience for students and supporting learning facilitators as they work with students individually and in small groups (6:1). They will monitor athlete progress toward individual goals and track progress towards graduation. Responsibilities will also include the creation of school wide academic goals and the implementation of strong systems to promote a positive academic culture and climate. 

In collaboration with the Head of Academics, they will create a learning environment for OTE athletes focused on academic achievement, access to high quality curriculum materials, clearly established behavior expectations, and restorative practices. They will share oversight of the curriculum, support the daily life of athletes, and mentor and support learning facilitators. This role requires significant collaboration with members of the administrative team to reimagine mental health, behavioral health, habits of success/executive functioning, and social emotional learning and the ways in which these skills are incorporated into the academic curriculum to support elite athlete development. Collaboration with members across all divisions within the OTE experience will be required, including basketball operations, league housing, and personal branding, ensuring that every stakeholder has an informed profile of the athlete’s academic and social progress while at OTE.

  • Manage a team of six Learning Facilitators
  • Regularly observe learning sessions and provide learning facilitators with actionable feedback
  • Curate and lead the culture based on the OTEA values.
  • Co-lead the COGNIA accreditation process throughout the 2023-2024 school year
  • Monitor athlete progress/growth and conduct learning team meetings to review data, develop plans for follow up, and track progress
  • Provide ongoing professional development in the area of personalized/self-directed learning and content specific strategies based on learning facilitator need
  • Provide leadership in the utilization of student performance data to customize learning sessions and inform instruction. 
  • Daily monitoring of academic operations 
  • Monitor and support non-core curricular offerings such as financial literacy, media relations, advocacy, and social justice/advocacy
  • Monitor athlete attendance and performance in academics. Collaborate to create plans for support and intervention when athletes are off track 
  • Collaborate on staff training in Restorative Practices and case method of instruction
  • Implement and monitor an Advisory program that provides mentorship opportunities and social emotional skill development. 
  • Collaborate on the coordination of speakers and guests to supplement the academic curriculum
  • Communicate and collaborate with OTE staff regarding academic progress and compliance
  • Collaborate on the coordination of logistics related to off site learning experiences. 
  • Lead training for academic staff on social emotional learning, mental health, restorative practices, and relationship building.
  • Participate in all academic activities, including evening and occasional weekend activities

OTE seeks a candidate who has a passion for education with a demonstrated record of success connecting with and educating high school aged youth. We seek someone with a strong instructional background and the ability to design, implement, and monitor academic structures that are more innovative and responsive than the traditional high school models. Expertise in cultivating high performing teams and creating and monitoring systems to encourage and support positive youth behavior and academic success are also key competencies for this role. Candidates must possess a genuine passion for working with young men ages 14-18 and have a career history that details their commitment to working with youth in or near this age range. We are most interested in candidates with previous experience with youth ages 14-18 and experience supervising academic, behavioral, and mental health systems within an academic setting. A strong understanding of personalized learning structures and implementation is also recommended. OTE is seeking a highly motivated, passionate, and resourceful leader who is excited to collaborate to design a transformative, world class academic experience that will support our group of 25-30 of the most elite basketball athletes in the world.

The ideal candidate has the ability to build strong and positive relationships with athletes, colleagues, the families of athletes, and community members/stakeholders.  They must have strong written and oral communication skills. Candidates must possess expertise in the areas of team development, instructional leadership, school operations, and the implementation of a curriculum structure that develops student self-directed learning. The ability to create trusting relationships with athletes and staff members is also key to success in this role. 

The challenge in this role will be designing and monitoring an engaging academic experience for our group of  young men, many of whom are already famous social media stars and may make the NBA, in a way that grounds them, empowers them to take ownership of their own academic experience, and also works within their basketball training and development. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.