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Job Purpose
Overtime Elite (OTE) is searching for passionate and innovative individual to serve as an  Academic Learning Facilitator for our cohort of elite student athletes.  Academic Learning Facilitators are responsible for teaching academic content and are an integral part of our core academic programming.  They assist our athletes with academic strategies to help them understand and master academic concepts and standards within a personalized learning environment. Successful Facilitators utilize their educational expertise to implement a variety of pedagogical approaches to instruction, all of which will be grounded in a commitment to a student centered approach to teaching and learning. Learning facilitators will balance direct instruction in small groups with targeted 1:1 skill building support for students in need of additional support. They will meet with athletes to clarify to review concepts shared in learning sessions, explain content specific processes, help them solve complex problems, and help each athlete on their caseload create a personalized learning pathway towards their academic goals.  S/he will be immersed in many components of the OTE athlete experience, including residential life.  

Outside of direct instruction and reinforcement of academic content, Academic Learning Facilitators will spend a significant amount of time mentoring athletes and initiating weekly individual success conferences. 

Under the supervision of  the Senior Director of Academics, all Academic Learning Facilitators will be responsible for delivering and supporting a customized advisory curriculum that focuses on teaching athletes social emotional learning skills, foundational skills for personalized learning and interpersonal skills.  They will also support and reinforce skills from the supplemental curriculum that focus on media training and financial literacy, skills that if mastered, will support our athletes for a successful career in athletics after their time at OTE. 

Key Areas of Accountability
  • Provide small group (up to 6:1) direct instruction and academic support in core subject areas and electives, focusing on student centered instructional strategies.
  • Work collaboratively with the OTE Academics team to create a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Facilitate small group academic learning sessions utilizing various strategies to ensure student learning.
  • Assist athletes with success planning, project design, research, and assessment  preparation.
  • Facilitate advisory sessions, focused on building relationships, team building, and leadership development. 
  • Serve as year-long mentors for athletes, checking in weekly with one-on-one conversations with athletes on mentoring caseload.
  • Cultivate and maintain deep and meaningful relationships with athletes and create a safe space for them to share academic, mental health, and social emotional support concerns, needs, and victories. 
  • Assess student learning and progress towards course learning targets.
  • Monitor study hall sessions
  • Monitor athlete attendance and performance across academic subject areas.
  • Collaborate with academic staff to create plans for support and intervention when athletes are not on track to meet academic goals (1:1 tutoring). 
  • Communicate and collaborate with OTE staff regarding athlete academic development and mental and emotional health.  
  • Develop and nurture strong relationships with families and communicate athlete academic progress.
  • Participate in experiential learning 

Role Location
OTE Arena, 230 17th St NW, Atlanta GA 30363

Candidate Profile
OTE seeks a candidate with a passion for educating and mentoring young men within the critical 14-18 year old age range. Candidates must possess strong content knowledge, have the ability to authentically connect with young men aged 14-18, and have documented experience working with young men in this age range.  OTE is seeking highly motivated, innovative, and resourceful candidates who are energized by the opportunity to shape the academic experience of the next generation of elite basketball athletes.  

The ideal candidate has the ability to build strong and respectful relationships with athletes, work collaboratively with members of the OTE academic staff, rooted in the OTE Academics values of Accountability, Joy, Love, Consciousness and Loyalty. The ideal candidate will communicate frequently and effectively with the families of athletes, and has strong written and oral communication skills.  Candidates must be confident in their ability to engage in difficult conversations with young adults and possess an understanding of effective conflict resolution strategies.  The ability to create and build buy-in from athletes to ensure they adhere to high academic and behavioral standards is also required. 

The challenge in this role will be educating a small caseload within our group of 20-25 young men, many of whom are already famous social media stars and the majority of whom may go on to become professional athletes, in a way that grounds them so that they feel supported, empowers them to take ownership of their own academic experience, and also works with their basketball training and development. Candidates also must be flexible and able to adapt, OTE is a dynamic and fast paced work and learning environment.

Professional/Education Experience
  • Strong content knowledge in high school level academic subject areas or relevant work experience in a congruent field 
  • Experience working with youth within the 14 -18 age range 
  • Private tutoring or professional teaching experience 
  • Certification from a nationally recognized tutoring entity (National Tutoring Association, American Tutoring Association, Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession, etc.)
  • Background in financial literacy and/or mental health
  • Experience working in non traditional work environments or  educational settings
  • Experience in high school, college, or professional sports or in a sports environment with youth
Functional Experience
  • Instructional design and delivery
  • Mentoring and conflict resolution training
  • Collaborative work style
  • Experience utilizing the Case Method approach to teaching and learning
  • Goal setting
  • Data driven decision making
Attributes/Other Skills/Strengths
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • Engaging and passionate
  • Detail oriented and organized
  • Ability to facilitate courageous conversations
  • Learning Orientation
  • Mentorship experience
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Social media and tech savvy
  • Experience in a startup environment
  • Passion for sports
  • High emotional intelligence