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Player Operations: Player Personnel/Scout
This position is exclusively for former WNBA and NBA players.  
Position Summary
The NBA Basketball Operations Associate Program was created to prepare former NBA and WNBA players to pursue career opportunities in team management positions. Through an immersive league office experience, the Associates will be trained on basketball operations core competencies and gain exposure to team-facing league departments.
  •   Former NBA and WNBA players
  •  One-year contract for full-time employment
Major Responsibilities
  • Follow development curriculum, including completion of all required business acumen training sessions and core competency learning modules
  • Support the daily operations of various league departments, with a focus on League Operations
  • Prepare reports, projects and presentations to executive leadership as required
  • Participate in assessments to test comprehension of curriculum content
  • Join meetings and conference calls to provide input to league initiatives, particularly those impacting players
  • Attend games and marquee league events such as All-Star, Draft Combine, and Summer League
  • Demonstrated business aptitude, intellectual curiosity, and ability to manage a rigorous curriculum
  • A general understanding of NBA league and team structures
  • Strong relationships around the NBA, WNBA and/or G League
  • Commitment to prioritize the program over other opportunities and participate for its entirety
  • Ability to relocate to the New York City area and willingness to travel
Educational Background Required
  •  Bachelor’s Degree (or interest in degree completion)

Job Questions:

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