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QTV Game presentation Manager with Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland · OH

Cleveland Cavaliers jobs
Sports Jobs in Cleveland · OH
Technical Services: Audio/Video Editing and Production
QTV is the award-winning, in-house video production team providing the most dynamic and ground-breaking creative content to drive game presentation, marketing campaigns, web/digital video content, and team-driven initiatives for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Monsters, Cavs Legion Gaming Club, Canton Charge, Cleveland Gladiators, and other key properties and projects associated with Quicken Loans Arena.  The QTV game presentation video manager will work on one of the best in-arena shows in all of sports.  Involved in all aspects of QTV production services with a primary focus of directing, editing videos and graphics, while also shooting, managing equipment, asset management and organization and ability to bring forth and execute creative ideas in short timelines.  Successful and results-driven client partnerships (internal and external) are critical.  Content that drives incredible, jaw-dropping fan engagement is top priority.  A wildly creative vision with a high skill set toward execution is a must.  Flexibility… an “All for one. One for all.” approach… a contagiously positive attitude… and an over-the-top drive toward urgency and building the team to be the best is required. Applicants must provide samples of their video work and cover letter with their resume to be considered.


·        Live directing experience is required, live sports directing is preferred.
·        Responsible and expected to be in rotation to direct the video board shows for all properties, including but not limited to Cavaliers, Monsters and Quicken Loans Arena events

·        Required to be at approximately 40 events per season for training, directing and providing feedback for live shows.
·        Strong leadership and organizational skills are required.
·        Will work closely with game presentation leadership to organize year-over-year schedules of events, document all in-arena formats, submit production requests, organize creative meetings, organize review sessions of events and drive a creative culture·
·        Understands, studies and provides feedback on video elements that are integrated in front of a live audience.
·        Understands the NBA, AHL and AFL as well as providing creative ideas on how to integrate pop culture into Quicken Loans Arena events.
·        Attends events with the intent to find new ways to entertain the fans of Cleveland and provide feedback.
·        Consistently thinks about how to cross-promote all Quicken Loans Arena organizations across all events and platforms.
·        Understands the level of quality that is required at Quicken Loans Arena and is not afraid to stand up to keep that standard high. 

·        Conceptualizes, scripts, shoots and edits videos for any and all QTV tasks.
 ·        Creates graphics and animation content for the video boards, digital signage and LED ribbons.

·        Directs, shoots, produces or assists on-location shoots with players, fans and actors.
·        Video producer able to produce television commercials, comedic spoofs, high-energy “pump” videos, brand initiatives, promotional spots, and other concepts and edited pieces.
·        Video and Audio editing skills required.
·        Must be familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud software.
·        Basic camera operation is required to assist with any requested video shoot.
·        Coordinates tasks and responsibilities with other producers to ensure timely project completion.
 ·        Contributes new perspectives and ideas on how to improve QTV. This includes process development, organization, video production, metadata, efficient management of time and any other areas that can be improved.
·        Participates and brings new ideas and techniques independently as well as during designated brainstorm sessions.
·        Works with QTV Director, Senior Producers, Teammates and QTV Project Manager to ensure that content is completed on time, exceeds QTV quality and meets specific team branding standards.
·        Supports QTV colleagues and senior producers by assuming any task to help them complete any and all projects.

·        Provides creative production support for major organizational events, including, but not limited to Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Monsters, Cleveland Gladiators, Quicken Loans Arena, Canton Charge, and other key organizational projects and initiatives.
·        Prioritizes superior client services skills and the ability to function well within a team environment.
·        Prioritizes a supportive role in the development of the QTV team. 
·        Focuses on supporting the growth of quality, depth and capabilities of our production team, enhancing our creative capabilities and driving innovation.
·        Active and proficient in the use of social media.
·        Provides and conducts training to QTV team members in areas of expertise as needed.
·        Develops strong vendor relationships that support game day initiatives, including third-party production partnerships and new technology partnerships, among others.
·        Assumes additional responsibilities to ensure successful management of QTV resources.
  ·        Is willing and able to step in and perform tasks as needed, including assuming any role on the QTV game night staff.
·        Performs additional duties as assigned.
·        Seeks training and feedback, encourages others to do the same.
·        Promotes the overall high expectation of quality for all QTV productions.
   ·        Advanced college coursework, degree, or comparable experience in video production preferred. 
 ·        1-2 years of professional experience in non-linear video concepting/editing/production environment. 
·        1-2 years of professional experience creating motion graphics for broadcast and/or web projects. 
·        Knowledge of video production software and the willingness to research new software.
 ·        General knowledge of various cameras and audio equipment.  
·        Vast knowledge of video compression and file formats. 
 ·        Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.  
·        Proficient in social media and current popular trends. 
 ·        Must have an open and creative mind with an eye for design and storytelling. 
·        Strong desire to be the best individually and more importantly as a group. 
·        Production etiquette and excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. 
 ·        Possess good writing and copy-editing skills.
 ·        Effectively able to work under pressure of deadlines. 
·        Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and work independently as well as in a team environment. 
 ·        Ability to work long hours as needed and work a flexible schedule, including weekends and late nights, as needed, to support the needs of a major professional sports organization. 
 ·        Knowledge of events sports in general is required. 
·        Must have an enthusiastic attitude, work independently as well as part of a group and assume any tasks to accomplish team goals. 
·        Must have an attitude of respect and the determination to be the best and encourage others to be the best in professional sports.  

 We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Have you uploaded resume and cover letter?

  3. Could you provide link to the demo reel?

  4. Do you have 3+ years of relative experience?


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