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Scouting Assistant Internship - Perfect Game (Cincinnati · OH) - Perfect Game (Cincinnati · OH)

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Technical Services: Statistics

  • Assist Perfect Game in identifying top prospect in each graduating class at tournament and showcase events. 
  • Able to complete the write-ups of prospects seen in a timely manner and to be posted on the website the next day 
  • Scouting and analyzing prospects while using other available resources to be able to evaluate prospects 
  • Assist in all PG Event operations when necessary 
  • Assist with PG Social Media from events. 

It is preferred that the candidates have strong knowledge and passion for the game of baseball as well as a basic understanding how to evaluate players to build on with this internship. Experience or confidence in one’s writing ability is a plus as well as experience with video.

Start Date: September 9th 2022- July 31st 2023.
Qualifications: Currently enrolled in a college/university to receive college credit. Or will paid a stipend for a weekend of each event.

Job Questions: 
  1. Can you receive class credit for this internship? 
  2. Do you have housing in the area?