East Division

Club House Manager Internship

River City Rascals
O Fallon, MO
Player Operations: Equipment Manager
River City Rascal Clubhouse Manager Internship
A clubhouse manager for the Rascals, or any professional sports team is a major responsibility. At the major league level these clubhouse managers make 6 digits. Interning for a clubhouse manager is a great way to gain experience and potentially take over as the head clubhouse manager for the Rascals. To do this job you do not need any specific skills, just be very hard working, organized, obedient, and always be willing to help.
A general description of what we do for the Rascals on a daily basis consists of this:
  • Keeping the clubhouse for the home and away baseball team clean
  • Keeping home and away coaches room clean
  • Close and personal connections with all the players for miscellaneous things they might need or be superstitious about
  • Doing home and away team laundry after or before games (uniforms, personals, towels)
  • Assisting Athletic trainer in getting water pre-game, or any other tasks he may need help with
  • Assist grounds crew
  • Set up pre game meals, and post game meals for both teams
  • Prepare baseballs pre-game, and during game keep track if more baseballs are needed
  • Take care of umpires pre and post game
  • Be around players during game in case they need something in an emergency (new bat, glove, helmet, etc.)
  • Always be prepared to help others when asked
This internship is great to build connections in the baseball world. It is also a good way to watch many other professions in action (General Managing, Athletic Training, Marketing, Coaching). It is also a perfect internship if you are looking to make a career out of clubhouse managing.
Start End of April 2018

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Do you have local housing?

  3. Is this for college credit?