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New Hampshire Fisher Cats

Clubhouse Manager - Visiting Team

New Hampshire Fisher Cats
Manchester, NH
Player Operations: Equipment Manager
The clubhouse manager plays a vital role in providing maximum customer service to the players, coaches, office personnel, umpires, league officials, and special entertainment acts.
The following is a list of responsibilities (but are not limited to this list):
Pre-Season Clubhouse Responsibilities
·      Equipment Inventory (balls, bats, pine tar, etc.)
·      Uniform Inventory (hats, jerseys, pants, socks, etc.)
·      Develop schedule for bat boys
·      Clean Clubhouse including players lobby, bathrooms/showers, coaches room, training area, entry/exit ways, dugouts, umpire room, etc.
·      Maintaining all washers/dryers
Game Day Responsibilities
·      Issue all necessary equipment to players and coaches
·      Get umpires game balls
·      Set up and breakdown BP equipment
·      Fill water coolers for both sides
·      Set out pine tar rag, bat weights, rosin bags
·      Laundry (towels, uniforms, personals)
·      Bathrooms
·      Vacuum
·      Trash
Customer Service
·      Assist in player appearances, camps, radio media requests, and players’ family requests (tickets, lodging)
·      Coaching Staff/Trainers: post game food, towels, coaches fridge, anything they might need
·      Umpires: pre-game beverages, post game food, towels
·      All players requests for post BP
·      All requests from front office personnel
Post-Game Duties
·      General cleaning of clubhouse: bathroom, lounge, coach’s office, training area, and back room
·      Deliver all food requested
·      Laundry; cleaned and put away
·      Equipment: picked up and stored
This position will fulfill a seasonal opening that is exhausting, but very rewarding.  The clubhouse manager must be at the clubhouse before the players and coaches arrive for the day.
End of Season Clubhouse Close-Out Responsibilities
·      Send all equipment back/assist with player departures
·      Thorough cleaning of clubhouse, coaches offices, bathrooms, refrigerators, etc.
·      Equipment and uniform inventory
·      Provide an upbeat attitude at all times.  Must be a hard worker with a passion for the game of baseball.
·      Must be able to finish tasks in a timely and efficient manner.
·      Must be completely professional.
·      It is the responsibility of the clubhouse manager to purchase food for daily meals for coaches and players.
·      The clubhouse manager is additionally compensated through tips from coaches and players.
  • Bob Freitas Award - 2009 
  • Larry MacPhail Award - 2011
  • Named "Best Sporting Event to Take Clients to" by the NH Business Review BOB Awards, 8 years running!
  • Named "Best NH Sports Team" by the New Hampshire Magazine, 5 years running!
  • Named "Favorite Sporting Event for Families" by Parenting NH Magazine, 5 years running!

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