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Visiting Clubhouse Manager - Greenville Drive LLC (Greenville · SC)

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Player Operations: Ballperson/Batperson
Mission - It is the Goal and Mission of Greenville Drive Clubhouse Services to provide the highest level of customer service to players, coaches and staff of the Boston Red Sox, Visiting teams, and Umpires of the High A East League, by providing a safe and clean clubhouse and locker room atmosphere conducive to player and umpire development, free from all unnecessary distractions.
Description - The Visiting Clubhouse Manager, under direct supervision of the Home Clubhouse Manger and indirect supervision of the General Manager, is directly responsible maintenance, operation and service of the Visiting Clubhouse. This includes the locker room, coaches/manager’s office, trainer’s room, bathrooms/shower areas, and batting cages. 
The Visiting Clubhouse Manager is directly responsible for all Visiting Teams visiting Fluor Field for games against the Greenville Drive, including playoffs and all-star games.
Duties - The duties and responsibilities of the Visiting Clubhouse Manager include but are not limited to the following: 
  • Inventory and control of all Greenville Drive clubhouse property and equipment. 
  • Setup of the visiting clubhouse area prior to the beginning of baseball season. 
  • Create daily list of needs for food and other materials relative to the operation of the  clubhouse.
  • Communication with visiting team trainers and strength coaches to schedule arrival times to the field. 
  • Communication with visiting team strength coach and/or nutritionist for information on specific nutritional requirements. 
  • Ensuring the Visiting Clubhouse is clean and ready for operation prior visiting team arrival. 
  • Meet the visiting team bus at the field for unloading.  NOTE: The arrival time of the visiting team is at the sole discretion of the visiting team trainer. The Visiting Clubhouse Manager will ALWAYS meet the visiting team bus regardless of the arrival time determined by the visiting team trainer.  
  • Process all visiting team laundry upon arrival when needed.
  • Set out snacks and drinks for players, coaches, and staff prior to team arrival. 
  • Accept any food deliveries ordered by team strength coach/nutritionist and set out pre and post game. 
  • Available for appropriate errands at all times
  • Continuous laundry of towels, player/coach personal loops, batting practice uniforms. 
  • Set up of dugout for early work/batting practice/game. Includes putting out bubble gum, seeds, towels, water and Gatorade.
  • Take all visiting team equipment on and off field when needed 
  • Continuous cleaning and organization of the clubhouse, including taking out garbage, restocking of food and other items. 
  • Receiving the post-game meal and presenting it in an organized and efficient manner for serving. 
  • In game laundry of loops and towels
  • Post Game laundry of personal loops, uniforms and towels. 
  • Post Game cleanup of clubhouse locker room, coaches and manager’s office, trainer’s room, and bathroom and shower areas. NOTE: The Visiting Clubhouse must be completely cleaned and organized prior to the clubhouse manager leaving the facility. All garbage must be emptied, all food items must be stored and the counters cleared and the floors vacuumed or mopped. Leave the clubhouse in such a state that, if the Grenville Drive General Manager gave an unannounced tour to the team president, owners, league and city officials and a representative of the Boston Red Sox, he would be pleased.
  • Loadout all player, coaches and staff equipment out of the clubhouse for getaway and assist the team when able to.
  • Thoroughly clean the visiting clubhouse area in preparation for the next team arrival. 
Ensure that all doors, cabinets, coolers are locked prior to leaving the clubhouse. 
Breakdown visiting clubhouse, pack and store all property and materials in designated storage areas when needed. 
  • Final Cleanup of Visiting Clubhouse at end of season. 
  • All other duties, tasks and assignments as directed by the Home Clubhouse Manager.
  • Be familiar with and have a working knowledge of all rules and regulations handed down by the offices of Major League Baseball as they pertain to clubhouse operation and minimum services required. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.