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College Credit Marketing Internship Opportunity (2019 Season) - York Revolution (York, PA) 
Are you looking to work in the professional sports industry? Would you like to get involved in a fun and challenging work environment? If so, then you want to become part of the York Revolution professional minor league baseball front office staff! York Revolution Professional Baseball would like to make that happen for a select group of friendly, courteous, and motivated individuals looking to get a “foot in the door” in the competitive sports and entertainment industry. We will offer flexible hours (though nights and weekends are often required), valuable experience and a work environment that is second to none.

I. Who we are:
The York Revolution is locally owned and operated by High Five Baseball, LLC.  High Five Baseball, LLC strives to provide the York County community with affordable family entertainment, not just during the baseball season, but all year round. The PeoplesBank Park complex is a multi-purpose entertainment complex that is open year-round for events such as concerts, trade shows, holiday parties, non-profit fundraisers, youth athletic league championships, and much more!
High Five Baseball is highly respected throughout the professional sports landscape, known to operate with the utmost professionalism, yet still provide a fun work atmosphere. We have a strong track record of promoting from within and many of the key front office and management positions in our organization are held by individuals who started as an intern or entry-level employee.
We are in search of highly competitive, highly motivated individuals who have a clear commitment to a career in sports and entertainment venue marketing and management.
II. College Credit Internship Program:
The College Credit Internship programs offered by the York Revolution and High Five Baseball are some of the most exceptional and beneficial throughout all of professional sports, providing current undergraduates with an overall learning experience that provides a solid foundation for understanding the business side of professional sports and entertainment.
York Revolution interns will have the unique opportunity to be a part of the operation of a successful sports franchise and see firsthand the execution of promotional events at a beautiful facility before a loyal fan base.
In addition to gaining valuable experience on the business side, York Revolution interns will have the opportunity to gain experience on the events side of the operation. By working home games during the 2019 season, interns will have the opportunity to interact with fans and to apply what they have learned in office to actual game day situations. There will be a heavy emphasis on customer service and providing a safe, fun, affordable and overall enjoyable experience for all fans.
Currently, the Revolution are seeking an intern for the 2019 season in the following area:
- College Credit Marketing Internship
Additional information on specific duties and responsibilities of each of these areas can be found in Section V.
The College Credit internship program runs from approximately May 15 to August 15 of each year. For the 2019 season, the College Credit Marketing Internship will ideally start on May 13, 2018.
Participants in the York Revolution College Credit internship program will be thoroughly trained and given the experience and the opportunity to grow within the High Five Baseball family. The goal of the College Credit internship program is to fully prepare the intern for a full-time salaried role within the company. Only undergraduates are eligible for College Credit internships.
III. Application and Interview Process:
In order to be considered for an internship position it is required that each candidate submits a resume and cover letter indicating their intent, specific area(s) of interest and available start date.
Candidates may also apply through the web site TeamworkOnline.com, by searching for positions under the York Revolution.
Once an application for an internship position is received, it will be reviewed and we will interview candidates whose credentials, experience, and interests are most equivalent to the available internship positions. All other candidates will be encouraged to re-submit an application the following year for reconsideration.
Once chosen, we will conduct a series of interviews consisting of the following:
• Initial phone interview
• In-person interview with Internship Program Director
• Final in-person interview with the department director of the specific area of internship focus.
All candidates will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from York, PA for any in-person interviews. The program or department director will contact candidates to schedule in-person interviews.
IV. Internship Details:

Attendance Policy
The York Revolution will strictly enforce an attendance policy for all interns. College credit undergraduate interns will be expected to work all home games (with some exceptions),  and perform some marketing tasks on days the team is on the road. In the event the intern shows disregard for this policy, the Revolution reserve the right to terminate the intern’s employment at anytime.
Current college undergraduates will be eligible for unpaid internships for college credit.  College Credit interns can also earn compensation for non-Revolution events worked at PeoplesBank Park.
The York Revolution does not provide housing, though we will assist in any way possible an intern in need of a place to live and/or roommates.
On game days, The York Revolution will provide (1) meal to interns who are here working the entire business day and are staying on through the game.
Once a month interns will have one on one time with the heads of the department they have been working in to assess their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, more periodic informal evaluations will be made throughout the course of the internship with the Program Director.
In order to help maintain a quality internship program, we have a formal exit interview and evaluation process as well. Through this process, we can determine if our interns who are leaving have had an exceptional experience. It is also an opportunity for us to gain valuable feedback that can be incorporated into future program planning. At the conclusion of an internship, every intern will be expected to participate in the formal exit interview process. The exit interview will consist of an open discussion as well a written evaluation.

V. College Credit Internship Departmental Duties and Responsibilities:
College Credit Marketing Internship (Approximate Start Date May 13, 2019)
• Assist in creation of promotional flyers and various literature pertaining to the team including playbill;
• Assist with proofreading, distributing, tracking and filing of ads to media outlets;
• Assist Sponsorship Sales staff on execution of sponsor contracts as needed;
• Member of “Rally Crew” which will be responsible for distribution of schedules, fliers and other promotional material within the surrounding area;
• Prepare game day promotional props and giveaways;
• Assist with management of in-game on-field promotional activities including supervision of hourly staff;
• Collection of e-mail addresses during games and out of office events to help build database;
• Conducting social media posts with the goal of increasing ticket sales for 2019 events;
• Assist with general front office management issues as needed.
Marketing interns will be expected to be knowledgeable in current social media platforms, and will be expected to contribute to team content during the internship.   The overarching goal of the Marketing Department and all employees is to increase ticket sales.  Prior experience in event marketing is preferred but not required.
Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with the York Revolution.  High Five Baseball, LLC
are equal opportunity employers.

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