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Player Operations: Basketball Coach
Koa Sports is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, whose purpose is to Shape Kid's Lives Through Sports. We are looking for dedicated coaches who are able to adequately lead and to help guide our kids both on and off the playing field. We believe that coaching kids to become standouts in their respective sports, as well as to be well-rounded and successful people in life, are equally important aspects of Koa's overall mission. At Koa, we pride ourselves on creating a positive environment for our players and their families. 

Basketball Coach
  • Coach 3-10 hours per week (depending on the program you coach)
  • High level of communication
  • Be responsible and take pride in shaping children's lives
  • Must have reliable transportation and a cell phone
Experience: Must have a background in basketball. Playing and coaching experience is a must.

Job Type: Part-time

Job Questions:

  1. Will you be located in the DMV area?