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Video Producer with OL Reign in Tacoma · WA

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Director of Marketing
Tell compelling stories that create lasting emotional connections between OL Reign and its supporters.
The Video Producer is first and foremost a storyteller. The Video Producer will create short-form video content about OL Reign and the brands it partners with. The Video Producer will be responsible for all aspects of the content creation process – producing, writing, directing, shooting, and editing video content for distribution on the web, social media and broadcast.
·       Ability to craft smart, creative, high-quality work on tight deadlines and budgets
·       Consistency, reliability and accountability
·       Work with Director of Marketing to concept “shows” or reoccurring content segments  that will be produced throughout the season. 
·       Participate in brainstorming sessions to define content that will be created on behalf of partner brands.
·       Create show treatments, scripts and storyboards as needed.
·       Independently (or manage a small crew) to shoot video content.
·       Utilize Adobe Premier or Final Cut  to edit/finish video
·       Utilize Adobe After Effects for motion graphics production.
·       Occasionally shoot still photos during training or other times as needed.
·       Shoot and edit highlights from each Reign FC home match.
·       Develop content for use in-stadium
·       Create production processes to drive efficiency.
·       Manage library of all OL Reign video assets.

·       Ability to work independently
·       Curious and creative
·       Detail-oriented, organized
·       A problem solver
·       Collaborative and flexible
·       Biased towards action
·       A compelling and articulate communicator
·       Energized by a constantly evolving environment
·       Professional and punctual
·       Intern(s)

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