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Manager, Mens Age Grade with USA Rugby Football Union in Lafayette · CO

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Job Title:                      Manager, Men’s Age Grade
Employer:                    USA Rugby
Job Status:                   Volunteer - Stipend
Job Location:                Lafayette, CO
Reports to:                   General Manager, Men’s National Team

Job Purpose:
Team Managers are an important part of each age grade program for USA Rugby. The manger is integral to the performance of the team by planning and executing all of the team’s operations so that coaches and players can focus on their rugby performance. The manager will work closely with the team head coach and reports directly to the GM of the Men’s National Team.

Essential Job Functions:
  • Responsible for all operations of the program ensuring all members of the program adhere to the team culture.
  • Positive problem solver able to triage issues that arise.
  • Plan all logistics for the team based on calendar of assemblies 
    • If budget allows, perform a site visit at least 3 months out from an assembly. 
    • Source accommodation within budget that has required amenities for a national team that is close to practice facilities and game venue. Meals should be coordinated with Nutritionist (S&C coach) for proper nutritional value within budget. 
    • Assign Purchase Order to accommodation and any expense over $5,000 that matches up with contract to ensure no extra or unexpected charges are incurred. 
    • Manage accommodation providing rooming list prior to arrival, meeting room, medical room, storage room staff meeting rooms. 
    • Ensure all flight arrangements are made and/or tracked at agreed time frame out from assembly to get maximal savings while minimizing detrimental travel effects by flying extra legs and that arrivals and departures meet optimal time frames. 
    • Source and coordinate ground transportation from/to airports, practice venues, gyms & stadiums 
    • Identify and book practice fields that are lined, have posts, and have a smooth and flat grass surface. Similar, book gyms and pools for recovery. 
    • Oversee the ordering of all team kit, paying particular attention to sizing, weather, and training and off field needs.  
    • Plan for delivery of relevant support inventory to be at the assembly location well in advance of arrival from items/equipment needed for practice, to team kit to nutritional supplements. 
    • When possible within the budget, conduct a site visit to ensure the most efficient choice of hotels, practice facilities and gyms/pools. 
    • Plan and execute the transportation plan within budget and ensure daily that drivers are early and ready to take team to required location. 
    • If not provided by local host, identify and commit a local Liaison Officer to assist with operations. 
  • Information and Scheduling 
    • Oversee the input of information into the player database and the distribution of player invitations to assemblies.  
    • Coordinate regular communication with players and parents and ensure timely responses to requests for information. 
    • Prepare manager’s notes pre-tour to get set expectations on being a part of the team and give relevant information on dates and logistics. 
    • Create Google Team Drive to house all team documents and information from technical rugby documents to team organizational documents. 
    • Review and sign all tournament documents prior to the due date. 
    • Work with communications and Head Coach to do timely press releases. 
    • Do onboarding for all players and bring in required staff, medical, S&C, analysis, etc. 
    • Prepare a tour schedule in cooperation with the Director and S&C coach(es) based on the team itinerary with specific daily schedule that ensures the whole program is in sync and all obligations are met. 
    • Share daily schedule with hotel manager, bus/van drivers & others providing support based on our schedule to make team is on the same page as those supporting the team. 
    • Organize and lead management meetings with agreed upon format. 
    • Organize senior player meetings and attend with Head Coach. 
    • Prepare off-boarding information so players know what to expect post assembly. 
  • Budget and Accounting 
    • In coordination with the Head Coach,  plan each assembly to ensure team stays within budget 
    • Conduct post-tour budget reconciliation.  
    • Ensure all expenditures are approved and credit card receipts and invoices are coded to the correct budget line item and staff members are reimbursed for approved personal expenses. 
    • Create Purchase Orders for all expenses over $5,000. 
  • Media 
    • Collaborate with USA Rugby communications to ensure information transfer on schedule, logistics, player rosters, game day rosters and injuries and changes. 
    • Work with communications to be gate keeper for all media requests. 
    • Coordinate with local organizer any press/media obligations  and ensure that the team is available but that it does not interfere with daily schedule or take away from performance. 
  • Medical 
    • Coordinated any medical needs with the lead ATC and team doctor. 
    • Ensure injured players are properly transported and treated 
Desired Outcomes:
  • Assembly happens according to plan and schedule. Any deviations would only be caused by forces outside our control and should be planned for regardless – weather, failure of host country.
  • All documentation is prepared and turned in to the relevant party in advance of due date – tournament organizers, hotel contracts, notification to anti-doping, etc.
  • Players and coaches do not need to concern themselves with organizing or logistics and can focus on performance. 
  • All assemblies are site visited at least 3 months prior to commencement and all logistics in place 2 months prior to arriving
  • Assign staff responsibilities as needed to confirm all logistics.  
  • In coordination with the Head Coach, produce after action report according to the agreed format
  • Teams stays within budget.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to remain calm, positive and solution oriented in the face of crisis
  • Experience in running a rugby or other traveling athletic program
  • An understanding of performance athletics and what supports are necessary to ensure success
  • Good interpersonal skills 
  • Strong focus on details 
  • High work ethic
  • Problem solver able to triage between major and minor issues for the betterment of the program.
  • Planning and collaboration with other stakeholders
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Flexibility to work non-traditional hours, including evenings and weekends
  • Excellent organizational skills

Required Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field – desired.
  • Experience working with young men and their parents
We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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