About Churchill Downs Incorporated

    Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI) is looking for team members who have great ideas and can bring smiles to our guests. We do our best to recognize those who work hard and contribute to the success of our business. Our many locations and various businesses provide opportunities for growth and advancement. We are big on collaboration, ethical work practices, diversity, and having fun!

    If you are interested in working with us at Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI), please apply for a job.

    CURRENT JOB OPENINGS -- Opportunities are available within the following categories:


    Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots
    New Orleans, LA

    Note: this job is closed to new applications.

    Our Bartenders are outgoing, friendly and possess aggressive hospitality. You will be responsible for providing our customers with courteous, quick and efficient service with a pleasant and enthusiastic attitude. Duties of this position will include but not be limited to: mixing and serving alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks to customers, taking drink orders from wait staff, collecting money for drinks served, cashiering and sanitizing glasses. Qualified applicants must be at least 21 years of age and able to lift 25 – 50 pounds (with or without a reasonable accommodation).

    Job Questions:

    1. How did you hear about this job?

    2. Were you referred to this company by a current employee?

    3. How many years experience do you have in the position for which you are interested?

    4. Have you ever worked for this company or franchise-owned location before?

    5. Excluding vacation or approved time off, how many days have you missed in the past year?

    6. Can you speak, read and write English?

    7. Have you ever pled guilty and/or been convicted of a felony or gross misdemeanor, or are you presently under charge for violating any laws other than minor traffic violations? Prior convictions will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from consideration for employment.

    8. Will you consent to pre-employment or random drug testing and background checks?

    9. How many employers have you worked for in the past 3 years?

    10. When working in a fast-paced environment, which of the following best describes you?

    11. Several guests are waiting for service. Some are becoming angry. You and the other Team Members are not keeping up with the work. You can see more guests heading your way, what would you do?

    12. When dealing with difficult guests, you should:

    13. Are you 21 years of age ?

    14. If we were to contact your previous employers, would all of them be willing to hire you again?

    15. Is it fair to be fired for giving food to friends once in a while?

    16. How much experience do you have handling cash and providing change?

    17. I am willing to train and work in other positions in addition to the one I am hired for.

    18. Is it OK to borrow money out of the cash register as long as you plan to pay it back the same day?

    19. We are open 365 days a year, will this be a problem for you?