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Internship: Internship
The Marketing & Operations Intern will assist with driving fan acquisition. They will have exposure to and participate in our sales & marketing plan, in-person promotions, and group ticket sales. They will be responsible for ensuring Mechanix fans have memorable game day experiences along with compelling entertainment and merchandise. They will support the team on away game road trips by coordinating and managing travel logistics. To campaign for the organization and sport, this person will engage with and form relationships with the local community, sponsors, and partners. This person will report to the Marketing & Operations Manager and have regular access directly to Mechanix leadership, owners, and team captains/coaches.

Roles & Responsibilities

Sales & Marketing
  • Liaise with AUDL Marketing leadership & staff
  • Attend and manage In-person Promotions (Youth Events, Stadium, Local leagues, Pickup, City Events, Sponsors, etc.) throughout the year
  • Source and contact businesses, organizations, and community groups for Group Ticket sales and Sponsorships
  • Generate and execute promotional ideas to drive ticket and merchandise sales
  • Generate content in various forms: written articles and email copy, supporting images with graphics, clip and format highlights for social media, player interviews and other video content
  • Oversee digital marketing team
  • During offseason, source and contact Sponsor targets, have follow up conversations, and negotiate agreements for the season
  • Ensure fulfillment of Sponsorship agreements and report to Sponsors on performance
Gameday & Ultimate Events
  • Assist Gameday Manager with logistics on all gamedays, including setup, training, and pack out
  • Determine Gameday staffing needs, source staff, and ensure coverage on Gameday including operations, ticketing, entertainment, and medical
  • Plan gameday logistics including gameday scripts, stadium setup, ticketing, merchandise, etc.
  • Oversee planning and execution of other events, including winter tournaments, tryouts, and training camp
  • Source and manage printed materials and signage
  • Liaise with stadium partners and all vendors
Youth Camps & Clinics
  • Communicate with area park districts and schedule summer camps and clinics
  • Recruit, train, and schedule coaches for programming
Team Support
  • Coordinate player availability and plan travel logistics for away games including booking travel, hotels, and transportation for players, coaches, and staff
  • Travel with team on all away game road trips (6 per season), managing travel logistics, liaising with opponents, and planning meals and accommodations
  • Manage field reservations for practices (March-August)
  • Meet with captains and coaches on a weekly basis
  • Evaluate and recommend annual merchandise products
  • Source, design, determine quantities, and order merchandise, and manage Eastbay team stores
  • Fulfill orders and maintain inventory via Shopify throughout the year
  • Provide customer service, tracking, and reporting
  • Coordinate with Mechanix ownership group during weekly meetings and quarterly reviews
  • Source and make purchases based on agreed upon budgets and plans
  • Manage sponsor and vendor agreements
  • Liaise with League and other division teams
Based on Annual Schedule:
Preseason (January - April)
Season (May - August)
Offseason (September - December)
  • Primarily Work from Home
  • Must reside in Michigan
  • Greatest workload during the Preseason and Season
  • Lighter workload in the Offseason
  • Flexible weekly work schedule based on team schedule and events
  • Will include weekends and some evenings / early mornings
  • In-person presence required for all games and local events during the Preseason and Season
  • Travel required to away games during the Season and other Preseason and Offseason events


The Marketing & Operations Intern is an unpaid internship position and can fulfill course credit. Weekly hours will vary based on the time of the year (Preseason, Season, Offseason) and can be flexible around class scheduling. Commission is also possible based on Ticket Sales.


  • Major in Sport Marketing or Sports Management preferred
  • Graduate students and MBA candidates preferred


  • Event Management
  • Management & Leadership
  • Team Sport Athlete


  • Verbal and written communications
  • Word processing, spreadsheets, and online tools
  • Reliable transportation year round
  • Ample storage to house inventory
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Hubspot)
  • E-commerce (Shopify)
  • Organic Social Media (Hootsuite, Buffer)
Nice to Have
  • Paid Social Media (Facebook Ad Manager)
  • Graphic Design (Canva, Photoshop)
  • Video editing (Filmora)
  • Photo editing
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Business Analytics

Personal Characteristics

  • Reliable and Accountable
  • Friendly, Energetic, and Hospitality Focused
  • Attention to Detail and Well Organized
  • Outgoing, Enthusiastic, and Engaging
  • Entrepreneurial and Ambitious

Job Types: Part-time, internship
Work Location: Hybrid remote. Strong preference for candidates based in Michigan.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

Job Questions:

  1. Why do you want to work for the Mechanix?

  2. How many hours each week are you available to work?

  3. When are you available to start working?

  4. Yes/No: I played ultimate frisbee regularly (competitive or pick-up) for at least one year outside of school

  5. What city do you live in?

  6. Recommended: Please upload a 30-45 second video of yourself with your elevator pitch, and share the link below.