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CURRENT JOB OPENINGS -- Opportunities are available within the following categories:

Principal Management Consultant

United States Olympic Committee
Colorado Springs, CO
Accounting and Finance: Risk Management/Strategic Planning
Team USA is looking for a strategic trailblazer who will collaborate across a diverse set of executive leaders to help identify and create actionable paths forward towards a new future. As a principal consultant, you will lead a cross-functional team in building bridges that bring together leaders, knowledge, and experiences to enable organizational growth and excellence. We expect you to support your partners successes by translating strategy to action and crafting targeted, scalable solutions that add tremendous value.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Executive Leadership Strategic Partnership - 25%
  • Trusted Partner - Develop and sustain trusted-advisor and peer relationships at the CXO level, establishing a forum for providing feedback and advice to on developing strong results-oriented support (by proving ROI) for intended plans and to strive for and reach ambitious goals
  • Effective Communication - Plan and execute influential communications that drive department commitment and motivate executives to adopt new perspectives and take action
  • People Connector - Create an environment where partners feel comfortable sharing challenges and asking for support, and fostering collaboration among individuals and teams with shared interests and goals

2. Strategic Business Transformation - 25%
  • Strategy Development - Lead deep industry knowledge to conduct rigorous competitive, market and business analyses that lead to strategic insights and a clear plan of action
  • Journey Management - Direct and manage large-scale strategic business transformations that meet both short and long-term business and financial objectives
  • Story Telling – Synthesize complex organizational problems and analyses into clearly articulated, innovative and pragmatic value propositions, business strategies, and operating models targeted to diverse audiences at all levels
  • Solution Design & Execution - Lead analysis and research to evaluate opportunities, including preparing financial and quantitative models to understand impact across a range of scenarios, develop and recommend the best course of action, and deliver results aligned with action plans

3. People & Skills Development - 25%
  • Cross-functional Leadership - Guide and empower cross departmental and multi-functional teams to achieve significant results
  • Cultural Ambassador - Proactively identify ways to drive positive cultural change across organizational priorities, including modeling and encouraging desired behaviors, hiring for key positions based on organizational values and leading talent development activities
  • Mentoring - Support team members in identifying future ambitions, operating plan objectives, departmental priorities, individual staff goals, and passion including planning personal development roadmaps to achieve their full potential
  • Training & Education – Provide guided instruction and applied learning environments for sharing key consulting and business management skills with a bright, hardworking team of rising professionals

4. Project Scoping and Stakeholder Assessment - 15%
  • Value Analysis and Insight Development – Lead quantitative analyses to generate insights about client business performance improvement and value creation opportunities
  • Structured Problem Solving and Business Assessment - Partner with executive leadership in creating strategic plan action items and structuring projects that are likely to result in meaningful positive change
  • Partner Alignment & Expectation Setting – Identify key constituent interests and create alignment between conflicting points of view while setting realistic expectations on what is required to achieve desired results

5. Resource Allocation & Workload Balancing - 10%
  • Project Prioritization - Identify key executive leadership issues and project opportunities to create consensus across stakeholders then aid a narrowing of focus to a vital few that can drive action forward along an identified roadmap
  • Capabilities Deployment – Ensure teams and individual projects flourish by mating teammates competencies to project resource needs, and tapping into specialty skills and knowledge to deliver strategic and sustainable results
  • Structuring Teams – Build effective teams by balancing expectations and configuring available resources to meet client needs, personality preferences, and required skills
  • Balancing Supply and Demand – Proactively anticipate executive leadership needs and workload requirements to develop long range staffing and project plans that accommodate effective and efficient delivery

6. Regular attendance at work is an essential job function.

Minimum Qualifications Required
  • Bachelor’s degree with a preferred emphasis in Business Administration, Engineering, Economics, Finance, or Statistics
  • MBA preferred

    Licensure & Certification:
  • None

  • 10+ years of experience in strategy consulting, corporate strategy, investment banking and/or related field
  • Progressive successes in top tier management consulting company firm
  • Experience leading strategic planning and/or business plan development
  • Experience advising senior leadership on strategic decisions
  • Experience and networks with industry, academia, and sport professionals
  • Experience with organizational change management

  • Servant Leadership - Serve as an authentic, reliable resource accountable for our customers’ success
o Decision making process
o Context and discernment
o Effective communication and vision setting
o Managing Politics
o Leadership and influencing

  • Continuous Improvement - Foster a culture of ongoing growth and learning across the USOC
o Best practices and market leadership
o Change agent
o Roadmapping

  • IdeAction - Provide tangible solutions that are valuable to our executive partnerships
o Understanding resource availability & allocation
o Needs assessment and analysis
o Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Agility - Adapt approach to the ongoing needs of the organization and individual
o Adaptability and dealing with unknown
o Lifeline/roadblock-buster/troubleshooting

Tools, Equipment, & Conditions:
  • Standard office equipment and computer
  • Access to onsite telecommunications equipment, fax machine, copier • Our office is in multi-story building on a multi-building site

Work Location:
  • Colorado Springs Downtown Headquarters

Job Questions:

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