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Sports Jobs in Work Remotely, main office · AZ
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TeamWork Consulting is conducting this position as a search.   If you have questions, please contact  Drew Cloud is also assisting me with this search.

About USA Pickleball
 USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) is a 501 (c)(3) and is the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the United States. 
You’ve seen courts suddenly show up at your tennis club, your golf club and even your neighbor’s side yard.   The under slogan, “We make it easy to start and hard to stop,” besides its obvious health benefits, pickleball is very social and that’s what has attracted and retains many of its 40,000+ members.  It was noted to be one of the fastest growing sports.  According to the USAPA, there are nearly 3 million recreational participants in the sport, 190 sanctioned tournaments and the Organization has dispensed over $234,000 in community grants since it was formed in 2005. 

The USAPA’s mission is to promote the development and growth of Pickleball in the United States and its territories.  

The USAPA currently has a board of 9 and staff including contractors of about 17 working in a virtual office network throughout the U.S. until the organization finds a suitable “home.”  
Basic Function
With the growth of the sport, USAPA has created a full-time, paid position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).   The CEO and staff will be primarily responsible for 3 main functions:
  • To reinforce USA Pickleball’s authority and influence 
  • To grow pickleball’s awareness, positive impressions and participation
  • To increase and diversify revenues from events, sponsorships, camps, fundraisers, grants and corporate partners, etc.  

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the organization's overall achievement of its mission and financial goals through its day-to-day operations. As such, the selected candidate will be in charge of the staff and administer the policies and operations of the organization in accordance with the policies and regulations established by the Board of Directors. The CEO is the spokesperson and will lead all aspects of USAPA in accordance with its Strategic Plan.
Reporting Relationships
The CEO will report to a volunteer board of directors, currently an operating board wanting to transition to a policy making and oversight board.  The CEO will manage the employees and contractors. 

Specific Responsibilities
The selected candidate will be responsible for:
  • Providing day to day management of the staff, attracting, motivating, nurturing, hiring and firing, and retaining top talent while creating an environment that fosters positive morale and performance.
  • Implementing the guidelines brought forth in the Strategic Plan while being at the ready to pivot when crises occur such as the pandemic and economic changes.  
  • Communicating regularly with the board on the status of the organization with respect to its membership conversion, tournaments, growth opportunities, media and marketing, participation, volunteer projects, revenue, etc. 
  • Communicating with and engaging with players, instructors, officials, tournament directors, fans, vendors, sponsors, Ambassadors and other stakeholders that help grow the sport.  
  • Serving as USA Pickleball’s Chief Spokesperson and representative of the sport’s national governing body. 
  • Overseeing the organization’s budget and financial reporting. 
  • Legally, ensuring the organization is compliant with all 501 c 3 activities, policies and procedures.  Ensuring all legal documents contracts and agreements are complete, filed and in compliance with necessary rules, regulations and laws.  Preparing annual evaluations of all staff.  

Ideal Candidate Profile
The ideal candidate ought to have the following skills, traits, attributes:
  • Competent, confident, experienced, collaborative, enthusiastic, consensus-building leader of a growth business.  The role will require a lot of hands-on management of staff.
  • Past experience in a consumer-facing, for profit or non-profit sports national governing body building its foundation and processes that has helped an organization grow from several million dollars to annual revenues in excess of $5 million over a short time.
  • Past work reporting to, managing, or working productively leading with a volunteer, diverse, board of directors.  
  • Experience in most of these areas of business: administration, finance, legal, marketing, event management, human resources, fundraising and sponsorship sales and activation.
  • Experience in heading negotiations and closing of multi-million commercial agreements, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.
  • Strong work ethic, able to properly prioritize and fulfill tasks as laid out in the strategic plan.
  • Past hands-on experience with a sizeable budget, preparation of cash flow budgets, annual reports, good fiscal control. 
  • “Do anything” mindset and vision, with the discipline to fulfill short term-goals. 
  • Passion for, enthusiasm for and thorough knowledge of the sport of pickleball.

    Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the previous search was halted and is recommencing.  Please reapply if you had an interest.

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Yes/No: Are you familiar with the sport of pickleball? Please then provide details that describe your level of play or knowledge of the sport?

  3. What size budget have you been responsible for in any previous position(s)?

  4. Yes/No: Have you reported to a board of directors? If not, have you served on a board? Please explain..

  5. Yes/No: Have you managed a staff remotely? Explain your management process remotely.

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