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The Role
The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) is looking for an exceptional candidate to join its senior leadership team in the position of Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO). The CECO leads the USOPC’s Compliance Department and is responsible for ensuring that the organizations certified by the USOPC as NGBs within the United States Olympic and Paralympic Movement, and the USOPC itself, are meeting their compliance obligations in the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, the USOPC Bylaws, and other applicable policies and procedures (collectively the “Requirements”).

As to NGB compliance matters, the Compliance Department, a team of 3 direct reports and 7 indirect reports, accomplishes its work by, for example: 1) Conducting NGB audit and evaluation processes as appropriate and maintaining records of demonstrated compliance with the Requirements; 2) Diligently tracking and responding to instances of potential non-compliance; (3) Initiating and managing investigations into alleged or suspected non-compliance, as warranted; and 4) When appropriate, bringing forth and prosecuting formal complaints against NGBs for non-compliance. 

As to USOPC internal compliance matters, the CECO is responsible for establishing standards and implementing procedures to ensure that compliance programs throughout the USOPC are effective and efficient in identifying, preventing, detecting, and correcting noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations. The CECO champions a culture of compliance and provides reasonable assurance to senior management and the USOPC Board that there are effective and efficient policies and procedures in place, understood and respected by all employees.

The CECO will work across the organization to operate and constantly seek to enhance the organization’s compliance operations. Significant internal stakeholders for this position include Legal, NGB Services, Athlete Services, Athlete Safety, and the Office of Ombuds. 

Duites & Responsibilities:
NGB audit and Organizational Advancement
  • Lead the NGB Audit and Organizational Advancement team, directing long-term and day-to-day operations of all NGB audit functions. Supervise the Vice President, NGB Audit and Organizational Advancement in developing annual and quadrennial audit plans, directing staff, and managing team budget.
  • Responsible for team efforts to evaluate NGB compliance with the Requirements by conducting audits, compliance checklists, and performing financial analysis. Ensure records on all NGBs in these regards are kept up to date, that all scheduled audits and checklist procedures are timely completed.  Responsible for team efforts to assist NGBs in Requirements compliance.

NGB Compliance
  • Lead NGB Compliance team, directing long-term and day-to-day operations of compliance functions. Supervise the Associate General Counsel, Compliance & Litigation in investigating, reviewing, and acting on instances of potential NGB non-compliance, and other investigations, as appropriate. 
  • Responsible for team efforts to investigate and document in an objective and timely manner, any inquiries, complaints and/or concerns requiring a fact-finding/investigative process relevant to the USOPC ensuring appropriate oversight of NGBs.
  • Responsible for team efforts to develop protocols and processes which provide for timely and efficient follow-up and analysis of reports made to the USOPC concerning potential NGB non-compliance, appropriate communication to the investigative parties, and the conduct of thorough and objective investigations.

USOPC Organizational Compliance
  • Lead the provision of training and education on the Requirements and other existing and emerging regulatory compliance requirements across the USOPC staff, Board, and committees to ensure necessary knowledge and understanding.
  • Champion a corporate culture in which employees view compliance as aligned with core values via educational and policy programs.
  • Provide strategic direction to the management team on compliance matters and opportunities as they arise.
  • Lead USOPC compliance risk assessment efforts and programs, to be implemented by the Compliance team and/or that team in cooperation with other related USOPC teams.
  • Lead USOPC policy development, management, education, and communication functions as appropriate.
  • Interact with regulators on compliance issues if and as they arise, partnering with USOPC Legal as appropriate.
  • Conduct or authorize and oversee investigations of internal matters requiring investigation under USOPC compliance and related policies.
  • Work with the appropriate department director or manager to coordinate implementation of corrective action plans as appropriate and track results.
  • Brief the CEO and Board of Directors regarding Ethics and Compliance programming and significant issues as necessary.

USOPC Ethics Officer
  • Develop, oversee, and manage USOPC Ethics program as directed by the Ethics Committee, including management and supervision of Director of Ethics in this regard.  Provide ethical guidance to USOPC management and staff as requests are made and as issues may arise.
  • Coordinate with and support the Ethics Committee, including in the updating and implementation of relevant USOPC policies and procedures.
  • Investigate ethics complaints under the supervision and guidance of the Ethics Committee; lead and manage ethics training and disclosure programs.

Compliance Case Management
  • Lead Compliance Operations team, directing long-term and day-to-day operations of Compliance reporting, tracking, and analysis functions. Supervise Director, Compliance Operations in performance of these functions
  • Lead the development and communication of a confidential process and open-door policy for all USOPC employees and other members of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic community to seek guidance on compliance questions or concerns and to report suspected Requirements violations within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic community.
  • Maintain and operate the USOPC’s compliance hotline and other mechanisms to receive reports of alleged compliance violations.

USOPC People Leadership
  • Lead the Compliance team and ensure that their work is coordinated or kept separate as appropriate in order to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and avoidance of conflicts of interest (actual or apparent).
  • Provide development input for continuing education for Compliance team staff. Collaborate with team members to develop career development pathways as requested.

USOPC Operational/Administrative
  • Serve as member of the USOPC Executive Leadership Team (ELT), including attendance at all ELT meetings, involvement in USOPC strategic planning, organizational direction, etc.
  • Manage compliance budget for organization, as well as budget for Ethics committee.
  • Provide reports and support to Board and Board-level committee(s) on all compliance matters as appropriate. Substantively report directly to Board-level committee(s) on all internal audit and compliance, ethics matters.
  • Oversee administrative components relating to investigations including financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, tracking expenditures, and reporting charges.
  • Maintain confidentiality and use discretion and judgement in sharing and discussing information regarding inquiries, complaints, investigations, etc.
  • Coordinate with, and ensure separateness from, the USOPC Legal team, in order to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and avoidance of conflicts of interest (actual or apparent).
  • Consistently seek to identify areas of opportunity for Compliance team performance improvement and value-add to the USOPC and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic community.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the CEO.

Candidate Profile
The ideal candidate will be a seasoned executive with 10-15 years of experience conducting multiple party/complex audits and/or investigations including interviewing skills, assessments and recommendations.  S/he will possess skills in the areas of conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques.  This person will have the knowledge of complexities surrounding audits and/or investigations within the sporting environment and/or experience working with athletes. 

Above all, this executive must be a person of the highest integrity and must be additive to the strong culture of the organization, which centres on a passion for competitive excellence, collaboration, and respect for others. Specifically, the successful candidate will possess the following characteristics:
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills
  • Excellent judgement in managing highly sensitive and confidential information
  • Ability to interact well with individuals outside of the organization, at all levels and from all backgrounds
  • Skilled in writing concise, logical, and analytical reports
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure and confidently make decisions in a high-intensity environment
  • Ability to work as part of a team to conduct investigations in a neutral and sensitive manner
  • No impairment to independence with respect to NGB entities
  • Robust analytical and quantitative skills
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully design, lead, and implement high impact cross-functional projects
  • Understanding of and passion for the Olympic and Paralympic community including demonstrated knowledge of USOPC and corporate governance, ethics, and compliance
  • Ability to effectively build and maintain interpersonal relationships
  • Strong critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills
  • Good judgment and strategic mindset
  • Passion for the USOPC and its mission.
Relevant personal and performance competencies include:
Setting Strategy and Creating a Vision for Excellence
Experience working with other senior executive leaders, boards of directors and varying constituents on issues pertaining to long-term strategy and governance. Quickly assesses and analyses situations, collaborating closely with key stakeholders to form and implement a shared vision.  Navigates confidently and effectively in complex situations, with a determination to create a cohesive voice. 

Executing for Results in a Complex Multi-Stakeholder Environment
Experience managing an organization or division comparable scale and scope to that of the USOPC, with responsibility for financial, strategic and people resource decisions. Drives positive change and exhibits tenacity, persistence and decisiveness, albeit with sensitivity and diplomacy, in moving toward action. Strives for and achieves win-win outcomes especially among a wide and diverse mix of constituents in a dynamic, often ambiguous environment.

Building Relationships and Using Influence
Conveys a strong sense of executive presence both within and outside his/her organization; partners effectively with the executive team and is a credible and effective representative of the organization to all external constituencies. Trusted partner to NGBs.

Effective Communications Skills
Communicates proactively and transparently. Leads by listening—actively seeks perspectives and weaves a diversity of interests into a common language and shared vision. Ability to understand and distill complex financial matters.

Leading Teams
Engages through enthusiasm, excitement and insight. Track record of driving high performing teams, providing measurable performance indicators and improvement plans; his/her ability to recruit, develop and retain talent is key.

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