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Marketing and Sales Development with Total Sports Publications in Tampa, FL

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Marketing: Internet Marketing
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Program outline
Applicants for the Part Time role will be limited in most cases to senior in college.   All PT will be given one week of formal training. This training will consist of a broad company and job description overview as well as the basics of our procedures.  The goal of this training is to contextualize the sales process in order to understand the key components students will be dealing with in depth throughout the intern program. 

Paid Training
We will be paying all PT $10.00 an hour in order to attract the best and most talent possible regardless of course credit they may be receiving during their employment.
Student Benefits
In a highly competitive market for jobs, employers are looking for top candidates to fill a limited number of positions in an ever growing field of applicants. 
 Market Research and Lead Development
  1. Research (teams, local, regional, and national market)
  2. Develop useful leads in market for sales teams
  3. Learn to use research tools (Hoovers, Linkedin, Prnewswire,etc.)
  4. Learn to build organizational chains of command based on bench marks
  5. Learn to identify key Decision Makers based on key company metrics
  6. Learn how to get key contact information within organizations
  7. Learn how to navigate a CRM system
Sales Development
  1.  Learn the basics of developing a presentation
  2. Interact with different presentation models
  3. Learn how to engage the client
  4. Setting the sales Climate 
  5. Value building
  6. Qualifying the opportunity
  7. Closing the Deal

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Are you authorized to work in the following country: United States?

  3. Are you a local candidate? If not, when is your relocation date? *RELOCATION ASSISTANCE NOT PROVIDED*

  4. Are you a current college student? *This position is for CURRENT STUDENTS ONLY*

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