Independent Contractor - Football Official

Pac-12 Conference
San Francisco, CA
Player Operations: Official
Independent Contractor Football Official - Pac-12 Conference (San Francisco, CA)
Classification:  Independent Contractor; Part-time
Base Salary:  Per Game
Total Compensation:  N/A; No benefits
Category:  Student Athlete Services: Game Official

Company and Current Situation:
On July 1, 2009, Larry Scott joined the then Pac-10 Conference as its sixth Commissioner, succeeding Tom Hansen who had been in the role the previous 26 years. Over the past 6 years Commissioner Scott has led the transformation and evolution of the Conference into a nationally and internationally recognized collegiate sports brand. In July 2011, the Pac-10 officially became the Pac-12 Conference with the addition of the University of Colorado and the University of Utah.

The Conference has a tradition as the “Conference of Champions,” earning more than 175 NCAA team titles over the past 20 years, and has led the nation in NCAA Championships in 46 of the last 52 years. The Conference comprises 12 leading U.S. universities: The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, the University of California-Berkeley, the University of Colorado, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Stanford University, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, the University of Utah, the University of Washington and Washington State University.

With more than 110 Nobel Laureates across all of its campuses and 504 NCAA Championships, the Conference is synonymous with both academic excellence and athletic success.
The Pac-12 Conference is committed to diversity and gender equality in the workplace. We encourage applications from women and people of diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. The Pac-12 Conference is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.  

Report to: Pac-12 Vice President of Officiating / Coordinator of Football Officiating or such other person designated by the Pac-12 Conference.

Assignment Summary: We are seeking qualified candidates for part-time contract on-field official and instant replay official assignments to officiate Pac-12 football games.

Major Responsibilities:
·       Officiate Pac-12 Conference football games, may include any or all of the following: spring and fall scrimmages, Pac-12 Conference football games, non-Conference games, Pac-12 Football Championship Game and possible post season bowl games.
·       Comply and be bound by the constitution and by-laws, rules and regulations of the NCAA and Pac-12 Conference.

Key Competencies:
·       Highly skilled official; must have a minimum of 5 years of football officiating experience with a thorough understanding of collegiate rules, interpretations and 8-person mechanics.
·       Prior experience in a similar capacity expected.
·       Be physically fit in a condition to successfully perform the services required on a continuing basis.
·       Understanding of college sports.
·       Must have exceptional positive attitude and team based philosophy.
·       Must have exceptional oral / written communication and interpersonal skills.
·       Must pass football rules examination and physical fitness assessment.
·       Must provide verification from personal physician that verifies ability to meet the physical expectations required to officiate.
·       All candidates pass a background check.

Application Process: In order to be considered, all applicants must apply on When applying please include assignments and professional references with your uploaded resume

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Who is your current employer(s) or who do you currently provide services to? And what is your position/what services do you provide?

  3. Do you currently have any business dealings or associations with any of the Pac-12 universities or the Pac-12 Conference office?

  4. Please list 3 Football Officials who are qualified to attest to your officiating ability plus 1 personal reference and 1 professional reference (name, phone and email address).

  5. Please indicate the preferred Pac-12 assignment to be considered for: Referee, Umpire, Head Linesman, Line Judge, Field Judge, Side Judge, Back Judge, Center Judge, Replay Official, or Replay Communicator?

  6. How many total years have you officiated Football?

  7. How many years have you officiated NCAA Football (requires minimum of 6 game assignments to equal a full season)?

  8. Please list all collegiate Conferences for which you have been assigned as a Football Official (include season).

  9. Have you ever been assigned to officiate a collegiate post-season game? If so, assigned by what conference, what games, assignment and year?

  10. What has been your primary assignment as a Football Official during the past 5 seasons (e.g., Referee, Umpire, etc.)?

  11. Please list all colleges attended, years of attendance and degree earned.

  12. Please list participation in high school and/or collegiate varsity sports (indicate sport and number of years).

  13. Please list your participation in professional sports (indicate sport, team and number of years).

  14. Please list sports coached (indicate sport, level and number of years).

  15. Please list other sports that you currently officiate (indicate sport, level and number of years).

  16. Please list affiliations with any athletic organizations, professionally or collegiate (including game day duties, etc.).

  17. What qualities and/or qualifications do you possess that sets you apart from other candidates?

  18. Are you currently under contract to another collegiate conference? If so, which conference?