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ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS SALES TEAM: Our company provides specialized sales services and operational support for sports venues and organizations. We are based out of Winston-Salem, NC, and are currently looking for a hardworking, smart individual to join our team in September to assist with database management and growth for the ACC Football Championship Game that is held each year in December. 
TITLE: CRM Database Coordinator-ACC Championships 
LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT: January 2 – June 28
JOB REPORTS TO:  Whitley Shannon, Business Development and Community Relations Manager
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Statistics, CIS, or other related field. 
Strong proficiency with Excel. 
2+ years of experience working with large datasets, CRM, and ticketing software (TM Archtics preferred, but not required)
• Maintain organization of database through CRM system 
• Recommend and implement innovative ways to use database to improve sales and marketing processes
• Develop email marketing campaigns 
• Assist with lead generation and mailings
• Work closely with ACC Marketing Department
• Coordinate a schedule for setting up an informational booth at community and sporting events
• Assist with ticket operations
• Assist with training of sales reps in CRM best practices
COMPENSATION: This position includes an hourly wage, plus bonus opportunities. Upon completion of this position, candidates will receive strong consideration for full-time employment.

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