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Facility Operations/Event Staff: Grounds Crew/Turf Management
Departmental Overview
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics consists of more than 275 staff members and coaches and sponsors 30 varsity sports programs.  These 30 programs include more than 850 student-athletes who participate in the various sports programs annually within the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA).  We are currently seeking a Groundskeeper who will work within the department’s Facilities unit.

Description of Position:  
This position will help care for some of the finest facilities in the region, including Memorial Stadium, Evans Diamond, Witter Rugby Field, Edwards Stadium, and the Walter A. Haas, Jr. Pavilion.  Share in the excitement of the college experience, and work with some of the best coaches and student-athletes in the country as part of Cal’s broad Intercollegiate Athletic program.

The Athletics Groundskeeper will maintain both practice and competition sports fields and courts for the Athletic Department’s intercollegiate sports programs.  These include high performance turf and synthetic surfaces as well as tennis courts and landscaped areas.   The incumbent will also provide significant support for student athletes, coaches and spectators through the preparation of playing surfaces, athletic equipment, and fan amenities.

A.  Landscape and Turf Maintenance
  • Maintain grass sports fields ranging from highest quality "specialty" turf to recreational "park" turf.  Mow, fertilize, seed, aerate, verticut, edge, weed, and grade.  Implement preventive and ongoing maintenance schedules for turf based upon type of turf, soil base, sub-surface drainage, micro-climate, irrigation, and turf conditions related to soil nutrients, fungus, pests, etc.  Maintenance schedules include aeration, fertilization, mowing, etc.
  • Construct and/or repair grass surfaces through demolition of area, rototilling, addition of soil amendments, grading, and installation of plant material (seed or sod).  Maintain and/or revive damaged sports turf through repair of damaged area (remove divots, fill holes), and use of continuous overseeding program.
  • Repair irrigation systems including the control box, circulation pipes, drain pipes, valves, and heads.  Clean head and valve boxes, complete head adjustments, and maintain level surface around heads.  May include minor plumbing, welding, and electrical.
  • Prepare soil surfaces such as baseball/softball infield and mounds or for track and field events.  Blend appropriate mixture of sand, clay, and other soils to provide appropriate surface in areas such as pitcher's mound, home plate, long jump pit.  Wet, scarify, drag, etc. on regular basis. Broom clean seams (grass meets turf) to prevent build-up and untrue playing surface.
  • General landscaping of both athletic and recreation areas (Evans Diamond, Edwards Track, Golden Bear, Haas Pavilion, Levine-Fricke, Spieker Pool, Spieker Plaza, Student Athlete High Performance Center, Strawberry Center, Witter). Work includes planting, weeding, cultivation, ground cover pruning, vine and shrub pruning, mulching, leaf pick-up, tree trimming (up to 25 feet), brush pick-up and chipping, mowing, edging, and blowing clippings off landscape.  Clean drain covers and catch basins.  Hillside maintenance including brush, weed cutting, and litter pick-up.
  • Pick up and remove litter and debris. Empty trash boxes and remove posters, flyers, and graffiti from structures and facilities.
  • Vacuum, blow, clean-up, paint, and remove graffiti on astroturf and tennis courts.
  • Prepare and maintain high-performance synthetic-infill surfaces to include grooming and sweeping with dedicated specialized field equipment. Operating high capacity irrigation systems, removal and sterilization of localized contaminants.
  • Apply Pesticides through Backpack applications to control weed, insect and fungal problems with supervisory directions. 
B.  Event Competition and Preparation
Required Qualifications:   
  • Prepare competition and practice venues for use including grass, synthetic turf, tennis courts, and soil areas.
  • Prepare grass according to weather conditions and coach's specifications.  Adjust irrigation, mowing, and other maintenance schedules to meet optimum play or practice conditions.
  • Prepare soil areas for game and practice.  Wet, scarify, drag as requested.  Adjust playing surfaces during games (baseball/softball drag, sod squad).
  • Prepare spectator areas including clean-up of bleachers, restrooms, and other amenities.  Police areas for refuse and litter.  Vacuum or blow hardscape.
  • Survey and line fields for competition and practice.  Involves use of chalk and/or paint depending upon surface (grass, synthetic turf, soil) and weekly adjustments to reduce wear.  Paint through grid system, end zones and logos (e.g., Pac-12, NCAA), etc.
  • Provide logistical support to television or radio crews.
  • Serve as liaison with external groups conducting events at various facilities.  Meet with organizers and establish plan for set-up, take-down and execution of competition.  Coordinate and complete support and logistics for all events (collegiate and external) at Edwards Track. 
C.  Exterior Facility Maintenance Work and Recordkeeping 
  • Repair fences (minor welding), gates, chains, picnic tables, benches, storage cabinets, pool equipment, fountains (minor plumbing).
  • Repair buildings and equipment including light plumbing, minor electrical, minor mechanical, and minor carpentry.  Perform minor painting and cleaning when necessary.
  • Repair and/or replace equipment items such as sport nets, goals, hammer cage, backstop, etc.  
  • Maintain tools and equipment in clean safe manner and log all use as required.
D.  Leadership/Teamwork
  • Oversee student maintenance workers and work crews.  Provide leadership to student work groups in completing work.
  • Ensure safe working conditions and implement health and safety policies, and as appropriate, personnel policies in the daily work setting.
  • Communicate with other staff and the general public in a professional manner, and be a positive public relations influence for the unit and the entire department.

Required Qualifications:   
  • Experience working and maintaining sports fields, golf courses, public parks, landscaping, etc.
  • Experience operating grounds and landscape equipment such as mowers, weed Trimmers, blowers, etc.
  • Ability to perform institutional landscape/outdoor area maintenance.  
  • Valid California driver’s license is required.

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience maintaining high performance turf and sports fields.
  • Knowledge and experience in repairs and maintenance of irrigation systems.
  • Experience in event preparation and athletic program support.
  • Knowledge and experience in field layout and striping.
  • Working knowledge of Pac 12 and NCAA rules as applied to competition turf and venue regulations.
  • Experience working in a fields/grounds position at another University.
  • Pesticide Applicators Certificate
For more information on our department, please visit  The University of California, Berkeley is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.This position has been designated as sensitive and may require a Criminal Background Check. We reserve the right to make employment contingent upon successful completion of a Criminal Background Check.  

It is mandatory that you apply for this position on the Berkeley Jobs Website, the job number for this position is #24976.  If you click “Apply Now” at the bottom of this listing, you will be asked to sign in through Teamwork Online. Once you have logged in to their site, you will be rerouted to Berkeley Jobs to submit your application. Please include a cover letter, resume, and three references submitted as a single attachment with your application. 

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