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Communications/Community Relations: Broadcasting
BallerTV Overview
BallerTV is a venture-backed startup on a mission to rapidly expand the spectrum of sports coverage so you'll never miss a game again. We are in a unique position with our live streaming tech, network of videographers and logistics expertise to emerge as the leader in the amateur sports media market.

Similar to the early days of ESPN, we are building a generational business that will forever change the landscape of sports broadcasting. We have a clear path to scale, and we are looking for Site Leads and Videographers to help achieve our goals.

Position Summary
As a videographer, you will be asked to operate video equipment and record games for the BallerTV website. The videographer is a key player of the team as you are the gatekeeper for capturing and streaming live games, replays and highlights.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Operates video cameras, keeps score of each game, and verifies all team information is correct.
  • Communicate and troubleshoot issues with BallerTV support staff.
  • Equipment provided, no experience necessary.

Job Type: Contract/Weekend Work

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