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Sponsorship Sales & Activation: Corporate Sponsor
Summary: This position is responsible for selling corporate events, and other facility rental revenue- producing opportunities for Texas Motor Speedway. The individual will also assist with special projects and events as assigned including marketing, planning, implementation, and follow- through of logistical and tactical event details relating to corporate events and various other partnership elements. 

  • Prospect, develop, present, and implement customized corporate event packages via available facility inventory
  • Cultivate new event rental opportunities for local, regional, and national businesses
  • Prospecting, appointment setting, executing sales presentations, and contracts related to corporate events
  • Responsible to be on-site for all corporate events, special events, major events, and other events as needed
  • Learning, following, and providing feedback on our policies and processes
  • Manage Facility Schedule 
    • Major Events Calendar as well as corporate event rentals
      • Blocking out major event windows and preparation time needed for all major events
    • Coordinating access and needs with other departments on event-to-event basis 
      • Coordinating Fire and Safety for track hot times 
      • Coordinating with Maintenance and Housekeeping 
    • Coordinating access and needs with clients on event-to-event basis 
  • Event Management
    • Pre-event through execution client coordination and management
  • Client Management 
    • NASCAR Racing Experience 
    • Other full time on-track rentals 
  • Maintain corporate Event playbook: proposals, maps, room layouts, CADS, logos, signage creation, etc. for execution of upcoming events
  • Levy 
    • Assist with F&B orders, setup, and payments for facility rentals 
    • Help with menu creation for future events 
    • Review quotes and invoices for accuracy 
  • Coordinate with third party vendors for corporate event rental needs 
    • Quotes 
    • COIs 
    • Vendor payments 
 NASCAR / Major Event Weekend
  • Manage Internship Program
  • Assist business development executives with clients as needed
  • Tent Vendor/Orders and placement 
    • Scheduling 
    • Departmental Orders 
    • Hospitality Village 
    • Suites 
    • Client Orders 
  • A/V Vendor/Orders
    • i.e. Racing Electronics scanners, radios, etc
  • Suites & Clubs
    • Work with Maintenance on suite preparations
  • Signage/Paint Vendors 
    • Manage vendor with placement and design of infield grass logos 
    • Manage paint order for the grass logos 
    • Manage track schedule and communication 
    • Manage vendor with placement and design of retaining wall logos 
    • Manage vendor with other various paint jobs around property 
  • Levy 
    • Distribute menus for corporate suites 
    • Place orders for public suites and club areas 
    • Supply food service times 
    • Updating Levy with accurate guest counts 
    • Manage purchase orders and invoices 
  • Manage program order and delivery
  • Manage Sunday corporate hospitality 
    • Manage setup and all commination 
    • Manage of information packet including maps 
    • Manage directional Signage 
    • Manage all rentals including furniture, generators, and mobile restrooms 
  • Manages Sunday garage tours 
    • Manage all of the garage tour times for the appropriate areas 
    • Manage all of the signage in the appropriate areas and check-in table 
  • Help manage official car sponsorship 
    • Receiving of vehicles/ Pickup 
    • Manage storage 
    • Key distribution 
    • Branding decals 
  • Other duties as assigned

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law

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