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Audio Visual Technician - Seasonal with Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach · FL

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Facility Operations/Event Staff: Game Day/Event Staff
Daytona International Speedway is the home of "The Great American Race" - the Daytona 500. Though the season-opening NASCAR Cup event garners most of the attention, the enormous 480-acre motorsports complex boasts the most diverse schedule of racing on the globe, thus earning it the title of "World Center of Racing." In addition to eight major weekends of racing activity, rarely a week goes by that the Speedway grounds are not used for events that include car club racing, motorcycles, civic and social gatherings, and car shows. 
Daytona International Speedway is seeking seasonal employees with audio visual technical expertise that will interact with our guests and participants during racing events and onsite special events.

  • Plan, setup, and manage audio visual aspects of Daytona Intl. Speedway related events. This includes large spectator events and track and client meeting room rentals. (not TV production)

  • Work closely with the DIS Operations, Venue Tech, and Special Event teams on upcoming events.
  • Attend site tours with the sales manager and their clients to discuss upcoming events in greater detail to understand the client’s audio visual needs.
  • Manage audio/video in fan areas to include the Fan Zone, D500 Club, Garage areas, as well as with special events held in the DIS Stadium and Hall of Fame.
  • Assist the Event Operations team as need to support events.
  • Manage vendors for potential upgrades & troubleshooting.
  • Maintain inventory and operation of AV equipment; assess existing equipment and make recommendations for replacement and upgrades.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

  • Be a team player, helping others whenever assistance is needed.

  • Basic office systems including but not limited to computer system & programs, cellular phone.
  • All types of microphones (wired, and wireless)
  • Live sound public address systems (mixing consoles and speakers)
  • Laptop to LCD projector interfacing (Standard VGA or DVI conversion)
  • Standard DVD video playback (presentations, corporate pieces)

Hours will vary but will include all hours the office is open, evenings, weekends and holidays as necessary to attend events and to fulfill job responsibilities.

  • Professional:  Minimum of three years related experience. Projects a professional company image though verbal and written communication. Presents self in a professional manner and have ability to interact with all levels of organization internal and external. 
  • Interpersonal Skills: Listens to others, ability to follow oral and written instructions effectively, responds to manager’s instructions and accepts feedback.
  • Personal:  Project a positive image to internal (employees) and external (fans, vendor, other sports professional, community members) customers, communicate effectively and professionally at all times, comfort and experience with public speaking, exercise excellent managerial judgment, ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, problem solve and be a team worker. Dependable transportation to and from work is required. 

This job description reflects the general details of the specific job identified and is not necessarily a complete listing of all the work requirements that may be involved in the job.

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Yes/No: I have experience working with and near celebrities.

  3. Yes/No: I am available to work extended hours at consecutive days.

  4. Yes/No: I am at least 18 years of age.

  5. Yes/No: I understand that I will be assigned to an area that is outdoors and open to changing weather conditions.

  6. Yes/No: I have experience working fan-based events.

  7. Please provide two employment references with contact name and number: (At least on current employer is preferred)

  8. Please indicate your availability including days/times you are available and if you are willing to work overnight shifts:

  9. Yes/No: I am capable of lifting 50 – 75 pounds.

  10. Yes/No: I am comfortable working on a ladder.

  11. Yes/No: I have experience with MS Office, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, AutoCAD, Photoshop and Adobe.

  12. Do you have any friends or relatives who work for Daytona International Speedway or International Speedway Corporation? If so provide their name, and relationship.

  13. Yes/No: Is there anything that could interfere with your ability to arrive to work on time each day?

  14. Yes/No: I am currently certified or have operated a forklift or scissor lift?