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Administration/General Management: Administrative/Executive Assistant
About Topnotch Events:
Topnotch Events is a leading event management company specializing in professional tennis events. Topnotch Event’s parent company, Topnotch Management, is a global sports agency specializing in tennis, soccer, and pickleball. Both organizations are based in Downtown Cleveland. 

About Tennis in the Land:
As one of the biggest women’s tennis events in the country, Tennis in the Land (WTA 250) welcomes some of the top women tennis players in the world to Cleveland, Ohio, the week prior to the US Open. With $300,000 in prize money and valuable ranking points at stake, this is one of the premier stand-alone women’s tennis events in the United States and is the only professional women’s sporting event in Cleveland. 

Internship overview:
Topnotch will be bringing on motivated individuals who want to be an integral part of planning and operating of a week-long WTA Tour event in Cleveland, OH, broadcast live around the world. The opportunity is to join one of the leading tennis agencies in the world as it brings to life a professional tennis event. Interns will learn from experienced sports marketing professionals and play a meaningful role in the execution of a world-class tournament.

This is a dynamic, versatile position in which you will work side by side with the Tournament Director and tournament team to support all aspects of a WTA Tour event. In this position, the intern will have the opportunity to get involved in various aspects of the event across marketing, sales, tournament management and WTA relations, community engagement, and operations. 

The workflow of this internship will be directly with the Tennis in the Land Tournament Director with significant collaboration both remotely and in-person. 

Key characteristics:
  • An interest and genuine curiosity in learning and gaining experience in all aspects of a professional tennis event.
  • A demonstrated ability to work independently and to create, execute and report on independent projects. This independent initiative will be balanced by a natural inclination to be part of a team. 
  • Strong communication abilities across writing, speaking, reading and listening. The ability to easily and clearly write error free emails, and a comfort with speaking to diverse groups across video calls and in-person.
  • Patience and positivity in approaching new topics and systems, with an understanding of a learning process and the belief that what seems new and challenging at the start of the internship will be familiar and easy towards the end. 
  • The adaptability to take on whatever the day might bring, including an ability to manage time, create and understand priorities, and to work diligently and calmly in the face of stress and challenges. 

During the summer
  • Throughout the summer the intern will support the Tournament Director and the tournament team as they prepare for the 2023 Tennis in the Land tournament. This work will include various short and longer term projects, all of which support the overall execution of the event at the end of August. The initial stages of the internship program will focus on shadowing, on gaining an understanding of the different aspects of the event, and getting familiar with the personnel and various event partners. As the summer progresses, the program will transition to category ownership and independence, with the goal of preparing the intern to be a team leader during the actual event window in August. 

During the tournament
  • During event load-in and build-out the intern will continue to support the TD and tournament team across broad aspects of the event, however during this period the work will shift to a more operational role as vendors and event partners come on-site, as the venue comes together and as the players arrive and the tournament begins. The natural transition here will be one from a focus on preparation and advance work during the summer to a focus of week-of event management. By this point in the summer, the intern will have a sharp understanding of the various aspects and areas of the tournament and will be able to serve as a team leader, representing Tennis in the Land to fans, players, and event partners alike. 
  • The expectation during this period is one of fast-paced problem solving, with long days and a lot of work. This is what we will have worked all summer to create, and it’s an exciting time when we put it all into action for thousands of fans in Cleveland and millions of viewers around the world. 

  • The intern must be available for the majority of the summer, and it is mandatory that the intern is available on-site in Cleveland through August 27th. 
  • This position is based on-site in Cleveland beginning in June through August. Special accommodations will be made for anyone based in Providence, Rhode Island. 
Interns will receive a monthly stipend of $1,250.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

Job Questions:

  1. Describe an experience of yours when you were in a fast-paced, potentially stressful situation and you were required to solve a problem.

  2. What interests you about the role?

  3. Are you available to stay with us through the end of the tournament (August 27, 2023)?