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Job Description
SponsorUnited is a marketplace for buying and selling pro sports sponsorship between professional sports teams & brands. SponsorUnited’s sport business program, SponsorUniversity, provides students with an all-access pass to the sports & entertainment industry including its dynamic relationship with sponsorship. With SponsorUnited's industry connections, many SponsorUniversity participants enjoy full-time positions with known teams and sponsors. As a member of the People Operations team, you will help to attract and recruit potential participants all over the globe to SponsorUniversity.

  • Attend multiple professional & collegiate sporting events to collect data on venue advertising.
  • Analyze TV & radio broadcast’s sponsorship content during professional sports broadcasts. Get experience from doing what you love.
  • Conduct in-depth research on digital sponsorships through official professional team websites as well as their social media resources.

Program Logistics
  • 15 hours per week with a flexible schedule depending on the given itinerary.
  • All team members work remotely.
  • Required access to the local television and radio sports broadcast in your area, not the national broadcast.

Benefits to Students
  • Exposure to information that's only seen by professionals above the director level.
  • Access to our SponsorUnited Alumni Network
  • Qualify for college credit towards degree
  • Work remotely under a flexible schedule
  • Access to a vast team of Scouts around the globe
  • Weekly supplemental information touching on in- depth aspects of marketing and sponsorship

  • Must have 15+ Hours per week to commit
  • Must have access to primary local television and radio sports broadcasts
  • Must have excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Must display strong engagement & initiative

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