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Account Manager, Digital and Social Media with PIVOT Sports Marketing Agency in Walnut Creek · CA

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Marketing: Social Media
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PIVOT is a Bay Area sports and entertainment marketing startup making a name for itself in a fast-paced and dynamic industry. Our mission is to create innovative business-to-business opportunities and to unite brands and properties in lasting partnerships that channel the emotional energy of sports into profitable and meaningful consumer engagement.

The Account Manager, Social and Digital at Pivot should have five (5) years agency, social and digital experience and is responsible for four (4) primary duties:
1.    Leading social, digital and sports marketing for external client brands and athletes
2.    Integrating social and digital applications for internal Pivot Divisions
3.    Promoting Pivot Marketing and Event initiatives 
4.    Leading digital, social media marketing and SEO for Pivot Agency 

Leading social, digital and sports marketing for external client brand and Athletes
The Account Manager, Social and Digital is responsible for working with the Account Directors and VP’s to integrate social and digital programs (along with other more general marketing services), for our external client brand and athlete services.  This may include, but will not be limited to; creative support, digital and social activation and other marketing duties assigned by senior account leadership.

The Account Manager, Social and Digital is a creative problem solver and adept in digital and social applications. He/she will be expected to lead all agency initiatives in the digital and social sports and sponsorship space, among other duties.

Reporting to the EVP, Brand, the Account Manager, Social and Digital will be an integral part of the client service and pitch team, and support new business development and promotion of Pivot.  

This position is expected to have 5 years’ experience in social and digital marketing as well as client servicing responsibilities.

•    As directed by client leadership, the Account Manager, Social and Digital will be sufficiently informed and personally involved in external account business, providing exceptional service and reinforcing a solid client/agency relationship.
•    The, Account Manager, Social and Digital, will keep up to date on the latest tools, applications, analytics and digital media universe and will proactively bring opportunities to clients, and business prospects.
•    As directed, the Account Manager, Social and Digital will ensure the timely development and execution of sponsorship plans, campaigns, and projects.
•    Build strong relationships with Pivot clients and open up new business streams in social, digital, and the general agency suite of services.
Leading Social and Digital Initiatives for Internal Pivot Divisions
The Brand Division is a center of excellence for marketing within Pivot.  To that end, our goal is to help our internal divisions with marketing functions, including, but not limited to; all external communications including; digital and web presence, social media posts, placing press releases; digital/social analytics and measurement, social promotion of events executed on behalf of the divisions (such as the Pivot Summer League function for Pivot Travel); and other functions as assigned by leadership.

•    Under the direction of the EVP Brand, the Account Manager of Social and Digital, will ensure sales executives have the appropriate digital and social media tools integrated into pitch decks, help promote the internal divisions, provide social and digital advertising collateral, and other as appropriate.
•    Building positive collaborative relationships with internal staff.  

Pivot Social and Digital Initiatives 
The Account Manager, Social and Digital will work alongside other Brand Division and agency leadership and employees to build Pivot’s brand.  The Account Manager, Social and Digital will be the primary agency leader to provide tactical advice and execution across all social and digital channels for the agency.
•    Ensuring Pivot external social and digital communications are targeted, incorporate an appropriate “look”, grow brand equity, and drive business, or create/reinforce positive perceptions of Pivot.
•    Measuring the effectiveness of external communications related to promoting Pivot.
•    Helping to build our website, integrating features and creative elements to drive awareness of Pivot’s services, incite incoming inquiries and new business, SEO, and other duties.

Job Performance Evaluation:
●    Does work product meet and exceed clients’, both external, and internal division, expectations?
●    To what degree is Pivot, or our clients executing digital and social programs, and how impactful is this work to our business?
●    Ability to act in the best interest of company objectives and collaborate with fellow team members and senior leadership
●    Ability to use sound judgment and personal discretion in representing the company’s values and objectives inside and outside of the office

Required Education and Experience:
●    BA/BS in Business, Sports Management, Marketing, Communications, or other related disciplines
●    4+ years employment experience in sports, marketing, sales, sponsorship or communications

Preferred Skills & Qualifications
●    Firm grasp of available networking platforms within the sports management industry
●    Client management experience – not simply doing what the client wants, but leading the client through strong advice and counsel
●    Microsoft Office and Google Suite proficiency
●    Comfortable with google and digital/social media analytics 
●    Excellent presentation, written, and oral communication skills
●    Acute attention to detail, organization and efficiency
●    Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop experience a plus!

Job Questions:

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