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Marketing: Fan Development
Manager of Digital Marketing and Fan Development:
Who is Iowa Wild? We are a team of talented and award-winning individuals that infuse a passionate spirit into our events and the Iowa Wild! We are a part of Minnesota Sports and Entertainment with a purpose to create a greater state of hockey. We do this through committing to serving our organization, serving one another, our fans and our community. We create moments that turn into memories. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading! 
Our Marketing & Creative Services team is made up of inspired, creative, eager and talented minds who passionately grow the sport of hockey in Iowa.  We are constantly learning, growing, and adapting to new technology and platforms to connect and engage with our fans.  Our vision is to grow stronger together as a hockey community, connect with our fans and partners in a meaningful way, and entertain the state of Iowa with an exciting, professional, and innovative product. Our Manager of Marketing and Fan Development plays a key role in bringing that vision to life.   

As our Manager of Marketing and Fan Development, YOU WILL: 
  • Drive Revenue.  A large part of our success is connecting our community and business partners with our fans and driving revenue.  With our mission always top of mind, you create and execute omnichannel marketing strategies to drive ticket sales.  You also create mutually-beneficial, engaging, and Iowa Wild brand-centric sponsorship elements to sell to partners.  You manage these assets and work alongside our sales team to execute campaigns, provide end results, and reach sales goals. 
  • Amplify our brand, expand our digital footprint, and execute campaigns.  We are in the business of creating lifelong brand connections.  And you are in the business of building those connections by providing engaging, strategic campaigns that grow the Iowa Wild brand. Working closely with the Marketing and Creative Services team, you will strategically build and plan digital advertising plans, write inventive content, manage and the Iowa Wild app, and develop and manage our marketing automation strategy.   You are the brand-first, creative, digital authority who increases our reach and engagement across email, web properties, and mobile app experiences.  You drive our messaging and ticket sales by creating all-encompassing digital marketing campaigns inclusive of traditional advertising platforms, too.  You analyze the data throughout and take key learnings to continuously improve.  Your execution and management of our omni-channel brand will impact the future success of the Iowa Wild, not only the connection with the community, but the growth of our fan base.   
  • Proudly build our digital brand through community partnerships. Our mission is to grow the sport of hockey in Iowa throughout everything we do, and our home of Des Moines is the heart of Iowa.  Des Moines is a creative, growing community and we want to be central to that growth!  You will build relationships with local businesses and partners to creatively grow our brand.  You may find digital influencers or engage with other innovative brands all the while keeping our values and vision top of mind and in alignment.  You are not afraid to launch right into uncharted territory, take risks, step outside the box if you feel it aligns with our values and right for the organization. 
  • Strategically lead a team to success. Just as we develop and invest in our players, we develop and invest in our staff.  You will lead a marketing staff to create professional content and an innovative digital marketing plan.  You are passionate about creating high-quality, inventive campaigns and you instill confidence and provide support to your team to do the same.  You lead by example and just as your team wears many hats, you do, too! You may find yourself planning an automated email campaign or interviewing, ideating, and writing a captivating, personal story about a player for the website.   

  • A Digital Innovator. Digital media is your jam and your experience developing, planning, and executing strategic marketing initiatives is a key to unlocking the Iowa Wild’s potential for new audiences and revenue opportunities.  To support this, you will need ample experience with design software to produce kick-you-know-what graphics!  You work with the website, mobile app, and email marketing automation systems, which means a lot of screen time! You are the resident expert on creating and publishing this content with a fun, engaging voice that draws fans in. 
  • Cultural Centerpiece and Contagiously Enthusiastic. Your interaction with our employees, fans and community is constant. Day or night, weekday or weekend, connections matter 24/7. People see you as a supportive resource and a critical part of our team and the Iowa Wild’s culture and brand. You thrive on interactions within our community, sharing our customer benefit programs and promoting the sport of hockey. You present the best version of yourself and our brand, both on and off the ice. Approaching this job requires the time, flexibility and willingness to communicate, collaborate, and understand that the different gears of our organization work together as one to produce results.   
  • Focused Executor. We believe big ideas reap even bigger rewards when managed effectively. Everything you do touches people, so flawless execution is non-negotiable. Your work can be fast-paced and it can be easy to lose sight of the details, but that’s where the magic is at. With independent, self-motivation and task prioritization, you focus on getting things done quickly and flawlessly. Of course, you’re not perfect, so when mistakes are made, you step up, take responsibility and work to make it right. 
  • Servant Leader. At the Iowa Wild, everything we do is grounded in serving. You serve our organization, each other, our fans and our community. Timely, professional, and courteous are ingrained in your being. Leadership is not a rank, it’s an acknowledgement of responsibility knowing you are connected to our team-oriented organization and the fans we serve.   

  • Listen to you. We need your thoughts, ideas and passion to help make this the best team in sports and entertainment. You talk, we’ll listen. 
  • Treat you like an adult. We will trust you to get the work done in a way that makes sense for you. We measure output and impact. 
  • Challenge you. We promise you'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the Iowa Wild and producing a product that is the best in the state of Iowa, the AHL, and all of hockey. You won’t find more passionate people all focused on growing the sport. Go Wild! 
  • Commit to Diversity Equity & Inclusion. We drive social change and foster inclusivity by providing a safe, positive and welcoming environment for you, all community members and employees regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, background or experience.  

  •  Reliable transportation to transport event set up and materials is required. 
  •  2+ years of experience managing and leading a team is required. 
  •  5+ years of marketing experience. Sports or live events experience a plus. 
  •  HTML knowledge a plus. 
  •  Ability to work a flexible schedule; nights, weekends, and holidays is required. 
  •  In accordance with the ADA the physical requirements for this role include sitting, walking, standing, bending, squatting, climbing stairs, kneeling, twisting, lifting, grasping, etc. Should an accommodation be requested MSE will evaluate the request and provide reasonable accommodation under accordance of the ADA. 
  • With health and safety at the heart of all we do as we serve our community, MSE requires employees to be EITHER fully vaccinated against Covid-19 OR show proof of a negative Covid-19 test to be on campus, with limited exceptions as may be required by law. For those that are unvaccinated or not willing to disclose vaccination status, we respect your right to choose.  Proof of negative Covid-19 test expectations for full time are two negative Covid-19 tests taken on non-consecutive days each week. 

Job Questions:

  1. Briefly, please describe why you want to be a part of the Iowa Wild family?

  2. What motivates you to provide an amazing fan experience?