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Binghamton Devils

Ticketing Database and CRM Internship (summer 2017)

Binghamton Devils
Binghamton, NY
Internship: Internship
The Binghamton Devils are currently seeking a Ticketing Database and CRM intern for the summer of their 2018-19 season. Our goal is to maintain an intern program that is beneficial to both the student and the organization. The most important department in any professional sports organization is the ticket sales department. Most jobs in the industry, especially most entry-level jobs, are in the ticketing department. Therefore, it is imperative that those who wish to work in professional sports have a background, knowledge, and love for the ticket selling process. For this position, the focus will be on helping the ticket sales department maintain and organize their ticket sales databases. This internship will give the intern a vast knowledge of how professional sports organizations increase their ticket sales with season and group tickets. Please note this is an unpaid internship, college credit is preferred but not required.
• Creating and maintaining ticket department databases and spreadsheets
• All data entry from new ticket sales leads
• Scrubbing all duplicate data from ticket sales databases
• Ensuring proper formatting and ease of availability for all customer leads
• Assist with marketing and promotional campaigns for the ticket sales department
• Assist ticket department with season ticket memberships or group sales mailings
• Maintain an organized profile of clients and prospects
• Develop and implement programs for lead generation
• Research and generate sales leads
• Perform all other duties as assigned
• Work at least 25 hours a week in the Binghamton Devils office
• Must maintain professional attitude and appearance, and willing to work hard
• Must be college student, working towards a career in sports management


Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Do you currently need an internship to graduate?

  3. Do you have housing in the area or are you willing to relocate at your own expense?