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Assistant Coach - Birmingham Bulls (Pelham · AL)

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Player Operations: Hockey - Coach
Birmingham Bulls is a professional hockey team competing in the Southern Professional Hockey League. Birmingham Bulls strives to provide a world-class professional hockey experience and to build community through the game.  Our Team aims to make the city, state, and region proud, and, in doing so, make Birmingham the best place to live, work, and play.

Position Summary: 
The Assistant Coach will report directly to the Head Coach. The Assistant Coach agrees that, during the Term, they will perform the duties of Assistant Coach of the Team faithfully, to the best of their ability. The Assistant Coach acknowledges that they are a member of the management team and agrees to conduct and express themselves in such a manner, both publicly and privately, so as to promote the best interests of the Birmingham Bulls. The Assistant Coach shall not engage in any activity contradictory to the best interest of the Team and always behave accordingly to the SPHL and Team Code of Conduct.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Devoting their working time, talents, and skills to the position of Assistant Coach of the Team, discharging all of their duties and responsibilities conscientiously, in good faith and to the best of their ability, and giving to the team the full benefit of their knowledge, expertise, skill, and judgment.

Part-time or Full-time commitment with 90-minute sessions 5 times per week; attendance at all home games and for away game travel.

Communication / Administrative  Responsibilities:
  • Making public appearances as the Assistant Coach (including community appearances) and participating in all such promotional, sponsorship and advertising activities as the Team may reasonably request for the benefit of the Team or third parties designated or approved by the Team. 
  • Requiring the team's players to abide by all applicable policies, procedures, guidelines, rules, and regulations, including without limitation the terms and conditions of their standard player contracts, the Team's Rules. 
  • Representing the Head Coach in terms of communication with Teams’ Media and Marketing regarding any subject related to team activities. 
  • Appearing on,  and cooperating with,  all broadcasts and other media presentations (including, without limitation, by television, radio, and/or Internet), as reasonably requested or required by the Team. 
  • Performing such other hockey-related duties as are reasonably requested by the team including, without limitation, in connection with the Employer's youth teams. 
  • Traveling for any team-related activities as directed by the Head Coach. This position may request to participate in non-Birmingham Bulls work opportunities as long as they have been cleared by the Head Coach.

Technical Responsibilities: 
  • Assisting the Head Coach, and leading the Team whenever necessary, during training sessions, games, and any other team activities, including supervision of the conduct of the Team's players on the field and supporting the Head Coach in the player development plan. 
  • Performing such other duties as are consistent with employment as an Assistant Coach for a professional hockey team, in the reasonable discretion of the Team or the Head Coach. 
  • Consulting with the Head Coach, Technical Director, and Technical Advisors on all business aspects of managing the Team, player development, and the coaching program. 
  • Be present in every training session and off the ice activities, unless prior notice and release from Head Coach, within the coaching staff. 
  • These activities include, without limitation, technical meetings, performance analysis presentation,s and presentations to the Technical Advisors and Board Members. 
  • Provide the Head Coach any types of reports, assessments and action plan to support the team’s performance and individual development plans for the players. Provide to the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Athletic Trainer their training schedule plan in week and month perspective in technical, tactical, mental, and physical dimensions for discussion in order to define the best way to combine the Head Coach’s and staff’s ideas. 
  • Provide game reports after each game regarding the players’ performances, weekly reports being presented during the technical meeting, and individual development plans during their meetings. 

Essential Skills, Experience & Abilities
  • Capable to use technology in their favor to maximize their actions and staff. 
  • Effective to communicate on and off the ice (players, staff, media, opponent, officials, supporters, …). 
  • Modern and effective training methodology with a high level of general hockey knowledge regarding the professional level. 
  • Organized to monitor and report information to the staff, Technical Advisor/Director, and Team President. 
  • A collaborative approach to take the best out of each staff member. 
  • Hard work believer from players and staff, being a positive figure who matches team values. Hands-on to be intense and active to run the training session and other activities. 
  • Capable to be an effective part of Team Scouting in constant communication with Head Coach

  • Minimum 1-year coaching experience including, but not limited to, experience as either: 
    • An active player on the professional team or. 
    • An active coach with a documented record of success with players. 
  • Ability to train on a part-time basis on ice with high-level players that are a part of the program.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to work with and effectively manage relationships with players, coaches, and the hockey community as a whole.
  • Work successfully in a team environment.
  • Must sign and adhere to the SPHL Code of Ethics.
  • College degree preferred and/or equivalent experience.
  • Able to provide references upon request.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.