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Facility Operations/Event Staff: Game Day/Event Staff
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Responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort for all the guests that enter the facility, while providing a positive guest experience. 

·         Greet all guests as they enter assignment area or through entrance. 
·         Assist Guest Service Hosts with taking tickets when needed. 
·         Practice good verbal communication and attempts to diffuse situations without force. 
·         If necessary, ejects guest(s) with minimum force and disruption to the event and other guests. 
·         Practice good radio etiquette.
·         Perform visual, pat down and metal detecting searches at entrances. 
·         Maintain a valid St. Louis City or St. Louis County Security license at all times. 
·         Responsible for enforcing guest pass out procedures and monitoring outside smoking  areas. 
·         Provide wheelchair escorts as needed.
·         Perform access control by permitting only authorized person to enter an assigned area.      
·         Provide guests with accurate building and event information.         
·         Resolve basic seating issues like… relocations, duplicate tickets and ADA Seating. 
·         Assist with the event set including moving tables, stanchions, metal detectors and signs.
·         Attend pre-event briefing.
·         Maintain Stifel Theatre Conduct and Appearance Standards.
·         Complete incident and ejection reports as required.
·         Visually monitor guests for prohibited items and respond accordingly with guest options. 
·         Receive and resolve guest concerns, notify Supervisors or Management as needed.
·         Seat guests as needed and requested. 
·         Ensure that guests are in their ticketed area, keep all aisles, portals and walkways clear. 
·         Respond accordingly to guest illness, guest injury or emergency procedures. 
·         Monitor area for policy compliance, safety concerns, and guest behavior.
·         Take proactive steps to anticipate guest needs and prevent issues from escalating.   
·         Responsible for familiarizing themselves with all departments, building and guest polices. 
·         Must be familiar with building/seating layouts, restrooms and emergency exits. 
·         Maintain a safe and clean work environment.
·         Perform all other duties as assigned.
·         Must be able to lift 50lbs. 

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Are you available to work evenings, weekend, holidays?

  3. Have you worked in sports/entertainment previously?

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