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Director of Licensing & Entertainment - ECHL League Office (Shrewsbury · NJ)

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Retail/Licensing: Licensing Sales/Marketing
This is a full-time position and is an exciting opportunity to work in minor league hockey with teams and licensing brands throughout the United States and Canada.  This position is responsible for the oversight and growth of the ECHL Licensing Program for ECHL owned Trademarks, with an emphasis on merchandising and distribution, building new and maintaining vendor partner relationships in the industry, as well as facilitating relationships with Entertainment Licensees to enhance the ECHL business model and in-game experience.

This position offers a qualified candidate a unique opportunity to work with ECHL Member Teams, as well as many of the most recognized merchandise brands in North America for facilitation of the League’s Licensing Program.  Furthermore, this position oversees the League’s Entertainment Licensing Programs with international brands, notably Marvel, DC Comics/Warner Brothers, and Nickelodeon/Paramount, with an emphasis on enhancing ECHL entertainment.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Oversee the League licensing program, serving as the primary contact with all apparel, headwear, puck and novelty licensees and monitoring/growing gross sales and associated royalties, as well as compliance of Member Teams.  This process includes annual contract maintenance and overseeing the renewal process of licensees.
  • Researching new potential vendors and partners, or potentially creating new licensing initiatives to expand the reach of ECHL branded goods
  • Aid in the development and serve as primary contact in the ECHL Primary, Secondary and Price Point Jersey Program including the structure of the Program and the implementation with Member Teams
  • Serve as prime liaison with ECHL Auction Partner(s) to generate revenues through various programs, with an emphasis on Jersey Sales from League events and other potential initiatives and sponsorships
  • Oversee League signage and dasher program including contract maintenance and Member Team compliance
  • Research and communicate merchandising trends to ECHL Member Teams to increase Gross Sales
  • Investigate and develop communication and distribution channels for ECHL merchandise, including but not limited to, on-line retailers or brick and mortar outlets to expand the breadth and reach of merchandise sales
  • Approve all merchandising artwork within the League to ensure compliance within League guidelines and acceptable design
  • Responsible for oversight of all trademarks of the League and Member Teams, including the issuance of Cease & Desist Letters and ECHL Youth Licensing Agreements management
  • Manage and oversee all Entertainment License Agreements for facilitation within the League, including contract maintenance, communication oversight, and compliance within brand guidelines
  • Identify potential new Entertainment Licensees to partner with the ECHL Brand to further initiatives in all areas of the business model including ticket sales, sponsorship sales, game operations and merchandising sales with an emphasis on Theme Night initiatives than can be enacted across the League
  • Assist in the development, planning, and coordination of League Events under the direction of management for the annual League Summer Meetings and Mid-Season Event/All-Star Game.  Includes identifying potential speakers for the League Summer Meetings in Merchandise/Retail/Licensing departments

Skills & Experience:
  • 3+ years of experience in licensing and retail
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience.
  • Proven track record of business development utilizing licensing and brand extension model across an array of platforms and media
  • Proven retail and industry relationships
  • Strong merchandising and product orientation
  • Relationship-builder with ability to gain alignment with both teams, partners, and vendors
  • Awareness of popular culture and entertainment for enhancing ECHL product value
  • Articulate with exceptional written, listening and verbal communication skills
  • A participative, group-oriented player who works well within a small team setting to accomplish overall goals 

Job Questions:

  1. How many years of experience do you have in licensing, retail, and business development?

  2. Describe your experience in managing owned IP as a licensor, and/or managing another party’s IP as a licensee?