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Marketing Coordinator

WTA Tour
St. Petersburg, FL
Marketing: Consumer Marketing/Brand Management
Job Title:             Marketing Coordinator 
Department:      Marketing & Communications
Location:             St Petersburg, FL 
Reports to:         Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications 
Supervisory Responsibilities:    N/A
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Media Functions:
WTA Campaigns – Media Implementation
·         Organize and update media plan spreadsheets
·         Distribute the relevant creative elements for ad campaigns to media.
·         Collect campaign performance data, record the numbers behind it and provide to management.
·         Participate in the ideation process and organize the creative brainstorm meetings. Media planning – keep media plans up to date and the team informed of changes.
·         Ensure no wastage of inventory by keeping track of ad space usage in our media inventory, identify and alert if there are any gaps.
·         Secure advertising space and placements for:
o   WTA product campaigns with relevant tournaments on their web sites.
o   Ensure advertising is backed by web editorial and social posts on WTA channels.
·         Flow of information: Informing tournaments, answering questions and providing assets for WTA campaign implementation.
Manage Media Barter Partnerships
CNN (non-rights holder – barter only)
·         Point of contact for media partnerships and barters.
·         Secure media inventory and agree exchange of value for the full year
·         Ticketing: Provide ticket details to CNN
Perform Network and rights holder broadcasters
·         Point of contact with Perform Network for e-Player (video)
·         Point of contact and media plan detailing display advertisements on various Perform-owned websites
·         Secure placements for requested tournaments and partners
·         Inform the tournaments/partners, answering questions and providing assets to Perform
·         Deliver campaign elements to rights holder broadcasters for TV spot and digital ad inventory available as part of the Perform contractual agreement
WTA TV promotional campaign
·         Ensure ad space is booked and planned on Perform and CNN international & local sites.
·         Deliver ads to Perform and CNN for planned advertising display placements.
·         Organize and update the media plan and ensure local language versions are created and players are alerted so they can post a mention on their social feeds.
·         Distribute free subscriptions when needed for cross promotion.
VIP Relations logistics:
·         Ticketing – update and organize ticketing plans, ensure tickets are dispatched and received
·         Hospitality - ensure partners (ie: CNN, CANAL SONY, beIN) have a smooth experience on site.
·         Work with the Broadcast Relations team so that you are aware when rights holders are coming on site at events and assist the team so that the WTA welcomes them and that their needs are being catered for as far as is reasonable.
Department Administration
·         Work with Marketing and Communications department staff to coordinate office meetings
·         Write and distribute approved meeting minutes
·         Keep travel schedules up to date and keep the department up to date with relevant information
·         Ensure team members are aware of any internal policy changes relating to travel or day to day
·         Follow up with invoices and payment process.
·         Liaise with Legal to ensure all the contracts in progress are delivered in a timely fashion.
·         Prepare and reconcile expense reports for Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications
·         Assist in the coordination of in-office/staff events and retreats
·         Assist visiting staff and guests with travel arrangements, if needed
Skills & Background:
·         University Education in Marketing
·         Self motivated and ability to work independently;
·         Detail oriented and well organized
·         Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
·         Ability to use word, excel, smart sheets and online project management tools
·         May require domestic and international travel up to 30 days per year
·         Takes initiative but always checks with line manager before taking action
·         Actively participate in team meetings
·         Measurable contribution to the smooth running of the department, timely delivery of assets and successful completion of projects
·         Perceived as a positive ambassador for the WTA at all times when interacting with external partners, whether in the office or on site
Personal characteristics and profile:
·         You solve problems and exceed expectations.
·         You are entrepreneurial, smart, and passionate.
·         You are confident, humble and fun.  Your teammates like working with you.
·         If you don’t know something, you say so. Then go figure it out quickly.
·         You naturally go the extra mile.
·         You thrive in a fast-paced work environment, you love change and readily adapt to continually changing priorities and aggressive project timeframes.
·         You give credit to others where credit is due and take responsibility for misses when they rest with you.
·         You know how to sell big ideas and garner consensus. 
·         Culturally sensitive and able to effectively work across international geographic territories.  

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