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Digital Asset Manager

WTA Tour
St. Petersburg, FL
Marketing: Database Marketing/Analytics
Job Title:            Digital Asset Manager
Summary:          The WTA has recently commenced an implementation of a DAM (“Digital Asset
Management”) system called Aprimo to house the eventual 60 TB of imagery across our 55 events.
Based in St. Petersburg, FL, the Digital Asset Manager is responsible for operations management and reliability of our DAM (“Digital Asset Management”) system as well as assisting various departments in day-to-day asset management needs. This person will be responsible for leading the collaborative collection, selection, organization, maintenance, enhancement, preservation, archiving and delivery of all historical and newly-created digital assets. The Digital Asset Manager will play a key role in defining processes surrounding the searching, retrieval, and day- to-day management of digital assets.
Reports to:        Marketing and Communications

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
•     Responsible for leading the overall strategy, implementation and workflow of a digital asset
management system and learning platform.
•     Responsible for leading the strategy and structure with clear tagging and search terms
•     Leading the creation and evolution of digital asset management capabilities by developing the
in-house roadmap focused on streamlining operations, optimized userflows, permissions, and
maintaining best practice asset management.
•     Responsible for assigning appropriate metadata for assets to ensure accurate usage rights.
•     Lead meetings, discussions and training sessions with staff and project working groups to
audit current systems and workflows.
•     Create and provide succinct, clear presentations to stakeholders on approach and software
•     Develop, implement and maintain a consistent and successful communication and change
management plan.
•     Lead the data and asset migration process, cleaning and mapping assets prior to ingestion and
quality control checks after migration.
•     Ensure the digital asset management system continually meets the needs of the company.
•     Manage traffic and digital asset management (DAM) process to facilitate an efficient workflow
•     Maintain and organize digital asset library.
•     Work with teams to develop keyword taxonomy and apply keywords to images.
•     Manage requests for expedited images.
•     Understand the latest asset management innovations and trends to constantly improve tools,
policies and processes around asset management.
•     Work with Marketing and IT teams in order to leverage DAM system functions with our internal
•     Work to ensure the long-term storage, organization, distribution and retrieval of digital
•     Train and support DAM users.
•     Keeps informed of latest Digital Asset Management technology trends and innovations.

Desired skills and background:
•       Bachelor’s Degree
•       2-4 years of full-time DAM experience working with marketing assets.
•       Exposure to asset management, project planning, and process improvement is preferred.
•       Solid understanding of the creation, maintenance and long-term migration of digital assets.
•       Knowledge of digital file formats for audio, image, and video.
•       Strong analytical, problem solving and research skills.
•       Strong communication and cross-functional relationship building skills also required.
•       Must be extremely organized and responsible for maintaining logs and records.
•       Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Personal characteristics and profile:
•    You solve problems and exceed expectations.
•    You are entrepreneurial, smart, and passionate.
•    You are confident, humble and fun. Your teammates like working with you.
•    If you don’t know something, you say so. Then go figure it out quickly.
•    You naturally go the extra mile.
•    You thrive in a fast-paced work environment, you love change and readily adapt to continually
changing priorities and aggressive project timeframes.
•    You give credit to others where credit is due and take responsibility for misses when they
rest with you.
•    You know how to sell big ideas and garner consensus.
•    Culturally sensitive and able to effectively work across international geographic territories.

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. How many DAM systems have you worked with? If yes, did the DAM system contain photography, graphics and video?

  3. Are you legally eligible to work in the US?

  4. What salary are you looking for?