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2021 Facility & Operations Internships with Western & Southern Open Tennis Tournament in Mason · OH

Western & Southern Open Tennis Tournament jobs
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Internship: Internship
  • Rare internship opportunity to assist in running one of the world’s premier professional men’s and women’s tennis events.  
  • Each intern is given enormous responsibility which offers great preparation and experience for future endeavors.

  • All facility/operation positions will work entirely from the tournament site located in Mason, Ohio.

  • Internships begin and end based on the individual needs of each area.  
  • Minimum requirement is a start date of July 19th and ending date of August 22nd (except for Player Security and the Micro- Courts Internships).  
  • Length of internship can be extended to meet additional academic requirements of a student.

  • Willingness, with a smile, to do whatever it takes to run the very best tournament possible.  
  • Strong desire to learn and work hard.
  •  You must be able to work at least through August 22nd to be considered for any of these internships. 
  •  Phone interview will be required of all candidates.

Internship Areas of Interest:
Facilities & Operations Location - Mason tournament site:
  • On Court Operations (5 week) ------------------------------------------------------------ 7/19 - 8/22
  • Grounds & Communication --------------------------------------------------------------- 7/19 - 8/22
  • Operations Dispatch ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7/19 - 8/22
  • Public Space ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7/19 - 8/22
  • Logistics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7/19 - 8/22
  • Player Security --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/2 - 8/22
  • On-Court Operations (2 week option) ------------------------------------------------- 8/9 - 8/22

For detailed job descriptions for each position visit the tournament website

General Hours:
Prior to August 14th  
  • Typically 9am – 4pm. Monday – Friday, however may vary depending on need
August 14th - August 22nd   (during the tournament):
  •  Varies depending upon day and responsibilities of the area of your internship.  Expect to work extended (long) hours during the tournament.

  • These are unpaid internships designed for course credit and/or to build experience for candidates.

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Do you have local housing available in or near Cincinnati?

  3. If no, would you be able to secure housing for the duration of the internship?

  4. Will you be able to have your own transportation to and from the stadium?

  5. Does your 2021 Fall semester begin after August 22, 2021?

  6. From the list of the following internships, please list the top 3 that interest you most: On Court Operations (5 week), Operations Dispatch (5 week), Grounds & Communication (5 week), Logistics (5 week), Public Space (5 week), Player Security (3 week), On-Court Operations (2 week)

  7. Will this internship be used to fulfill any school requirement?