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Dallas Cowboys

Compliance Supervisor

Dallas Cowboys Football Club-Dallas Cowboys Merchandising
Dallas, TX
Retail/Licensing: Warehouse Operations
The Compliance Supervisor is responsible for the overall integrity of all Value-Added Services for Cowboys/Eighty-One Eighty/289C product that enters the compliance production room, as well as ensuring orders are processed with the specified quality standards set forth by Dallas Cowboys Merchandising, LLC. The Compliance Supervisor will report directly to the Outbound Manager.
Job Duties:
-          Be knowledgeable regarding customer’s compliance manual. Make sure updates are noted on the work order labor logs.
-          Manage seasonal staff, daily responsibilities and maintain weekly hours. This includes balancing work for each table throughout each shift. 
-          Advance the status of the waves in SCALE. 
-          Ensure QC has the tools to perform quality checks on orders processed thru compliance room.
-          Drive continuous improvement to ensure quality standards are excellent. 
-          Communication role with IQC department regarding damaged goods or item discrepancies.
-          Assist in directing/designing/implementing staffing processes for hiring seasonal/part time employees.
-          Drive a performance based environment, metric driven by utilizing/analyzing real time data.
-          Assist with maintaining paperwork and files for finished orders as well as employee applications.
-          Maintain inventory of needed supplies such as boxes, hangers, bags and sizers, etc.
-          Ensure staff is maintained and informed to train new table leads and other employees.
-          Able to make edits to orders as needed and print additional paperwork or labels. 
-          Keep a constant vigil on incoming work and staff accordingly.
-          Make sure all work entering the room is picked complete and in pre-compliance status to move the orders to tables to process.
-          Keep shifts coordinated to complete work in a timely fashion while maintaining product integrity so customer’s orders are properly filled.
-          Maintain a strong culture of accountability within the department.
-          College degree or equivalent experience preferred.
-          Previous administrative and warehouse experience.
-          Able to simultaneously manage a very high level of detail across multiple projects.
-          Able to demonstrate flexibility and quickly adapt to changes while maintaining high levels of productivity and effectiveness under pressure.
-          Able to work well within a team environment, offering assistance and support to team members whenever necessary.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

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