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Detroit Pistons

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

The Detroit Pistons Basketball Company
Auburn Hills, MI
Player Operations: Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapy/Doctor

Note: this job is closed to new applications.

Detroit Pistons Basketball Company in Auburn Hills, MI and Detroit, MI; 40 hrs/wk (OT as req.); 8:30-5, M-F. Employer paid ad. Submit resumes to, rhart@palacenet.com or 6 Championship Drive, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326, or fax 248-475-7219. Incl. Ref. # 22370-34


Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Responsible for working with the Detroit Pistons’ Sports Medicine staff to develop and implement sport-specific training and conditioning programs; provide specific guidance in the areas of strength training, agility, cardiovascular conditioning, recovery, nutrition, movement assessment, and injury reduction; evaluate individuals’ abilities, needs, and physical condition, and designs suitable, year-round, sports-specific training programs to meet any special requirements; monitor participants’ progress and adapt programs as needed; Observes and assesses athletes and creates a plan for prevention and corrective measures necessary for movement skill improvement based on biomechanical screen; provide manual massage therapy to address certain soft-tissue mobility restrictions: provides athletes with information and resources regarding nutrition, sleep, weight control, and healthy lifestyle choices; implement sports science data collection program using the latest wearable technology such as Catapult, SportVu, Polar Heart Rate and OmegaWave, InBody, Smartabase, record all relevant information, and communicate information to designated parties; administer frequent anthropometric and performance testing; work with athletes to perform to the best of their abilities; design layout of the weight-room and orders necessary equipment for state-of-the-art training facility; maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all workouts and testing; develop and implement performance testing for all draft prospects and free agents; communicate with coaching staff daily regarding player progress. Required: Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, Kinesiology or foreign educational equivalent. Must be a registered RSCC (Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach) with the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and hold CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and USA Weightlifting certifications. 3 years of work experience Strength and Conditioning Coach with a professional team or intercollegiate athletic program. 3 years of work experience must include work with Catapult, SportVu, and Polar Heart Rate. Position involves extensive travel in the U.S. and Canada during the National Basketball Association (NBA) season. Ref. # 22370-34.

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