Internship, Game Operations, Promotions, & Entertainment - Los Angeles Sparks (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles Sparks
Los Angeles, CA
Internship: Internship
Hours: 25 hours per week
Seasonal: April - September (Seasonal)
Salary: College Credit
Job Description:
This is an opportunity to work in the fast-paced world of WNBA game presentation with the Los Angeles Sparks. Interns will work directly with the Director of Game Operations/Promotions & Entertainment and the Game Operations Coordinator, as well as marketing and sponsorship fulfillment. This department is responsible for the planning and execution of each game night’s format.
Key Program Benefits:
·         Career Related hands on experience with a Championship Professional Sports Team
·         An inside look at the Game Day Operations and events of the LA Sparks WNBA team
·         Practical Knowledge and Training on in-game presentation, execution and heavy interaction with the LA Sparks current fan base.
·         Opportunity to explore different avenues of the sports industry through access to various departments.
·         This is a fun, fast-paced internship that will add real work experience to your resume as well as your coursework.
Duties and Responsibilities:
- Learn to execute in-game programs and assist in the implementation of game day plans.
- Gain expertise with game-day set-up; including but not limited to banners, on-court props, halftime details, booths, and contests or giveaways.
- Develop live game coordination skills for sponsorship department on game-day projects including all on-court and halftime promotions, etc.
- Acquire a mastery to read game day scripts.
- Grow professional-client relationship interactions.
- Other duties as assigned.
- Computer experience
- Strong organizational, multitasking, prioritization and time management skills
- Attention to detail and accuracy
- Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
- Friendly, positive attitude 
- Ability to take direction/feedback
Special Requirements:
- Some use of personal vehicle
- Attend All LA Sparks home games
- Job includes night & weekend hours

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Is there an element of game day that you have specific interest/focused qualification around? (i.e. entertainment, talent booking, basketball dance, marketing, customer service)

  3. Do you understand that this internship is unpaid and for college credit only?

  4. Do you have housing available in the Los Angeles area?

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