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Marketing: Internet Marketing
Us: A professional basketball team and state-of-the-art arena/entertainment venue that specializes in creating memorable experiences for each fan we interact with. Some of our favorite things are live sports, concerts, comedy shows, family shows, and most any other world-class event you can think of, and we’re looking for someone who shares the same interests. We live for the fast pace world of sports & live entertainment, and as such, we work hard, run fast, execute flawlessly, and party it up when it all comes together. Lastly, we strive to create marketing touch-points that are meaningful and efficient, and we prefer to surround ourselves with those who are the best at what they do. 
You: A marketing automation specialist, who lives and breathes all things email strategy, technology, and execution. You have a particular affinity for Marketo, and you might even go as far as to call yourself a true expert. Trigger, drip, & nurture are sweet, sweet sounds to your ears, and utilizing and implementing responsive design, audience segmentation, and CRM/data integrations are second nature to you. You enjoy being part of a larger integrated marketing team, and in fact, you enjoy managing a few people of your own. You even have a wild side that enjoys dabbling in other areas of automation, such as mobile applications. Lastly, you enjoy working hard and celebrating hard, and you’d be damned-well shocked if you didn’t impress the people around you on both fronts.
●       Manage day-to-day strategic execution of email marketing campaigns & email automation (via Marketo) across all Atlanta Hawks, State Farm Arena, Hawks Talon GC, and G-League business units; including planning, creating, & testing to ensure effective, accurate and error-free execution of content
○     Note: Experience with HTML/CSS and connecting data sources (REST APIs, Webhooks, etc.) is a plus
●       Work inter-departmentally to manage all email marketing timelines from creation to deployment
●       Assist in maintaining the email calendars for the Atlanta Hawks, State Farm Arena, Hawks Talon GC, and G-League business units
●       Continuously research and stay technically abreast of the latest email strategies, tactics, technologies, and best practices that can enhance existing email campaigns
●       Explore and implement methods to maximize the potential of Marketo and supplemental email-related services and software
●       Analyze email campaign performance using key email metrics, and provide weekly reports
●       Manage day-to-day form management including creation and maintenance as needed
●       Assist with Mobile App communications and automation
●       Remain flexible and nimble to take on additional digital marketing responsibilities over the long-term as opportunities become available
●       Strong working knowledge of Marketo Programs, channels, statuses, forms, landing pages, preference centers, insights, revenue explorer, etc.
●       Strong knowledge of dynamic content and data driven emails & automation
●       Strong knowledge of drip, nurture, and trigger campaigns
●       Strong quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills
●       Ability to manage multiple individuals, both professionally and personally
●       Project management skills; ability to prioritize & manage multiple projects with strong attention to detail
●       Strong test-and-learn mindset and experience (A/B testing)
●       Effective communicator and strategic thinker with an ability to make marketing decisions based on data analysis and collaborative insights
●       Ability to onboard and/or manage third-party software/agency vendors
●       HTML and Javascript coding 
●       Fluent ability with Photoshop or similar software
●       Desire to continue learning, especially third-party tools that can increase efficiency
●       Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in Marketing, Advertising, Analytics, Computer Science, Information Technology or Communications
●       5 years of experience working in an email-related role within a fast-paced organization

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Were you referred by a Hawks employee? If so, who?

  3. Do you promise to answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your ability?

  4. Do you have a very strong foundation/working knowledge of Marketo and its best practices?

  5. Do you have a working knowledge of any other ESP platforms?

  6. Have you previously created, and/or led the creation of, dynamic data driven emails?

  7. Do you have a working knowledge of Movable Ink?

  8. Do you have a working knowledge of Litmus?

  9. Do you have more than 2 years of management experience?

  10. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), how would you rank your NBA knowledge?

  11. Have you ever worked in the sports and entertainment industry previously?

  12. In your own words, what makes a great email?

  13. In your own words, what makes a great email campaign?

  14. In your own words, what role do you think email plays in a fans/customer’s experience?


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