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Position Overview:
 The General Manager is responsible for management of all sales revenue lines for the team. The GM is accountable for developing new revenue streams while ensuring the renewal and maintenance of current revenue streams remain consistent on a yearly basis. The GM will work closely with the President and new ownership team to leverage the 2020 opening of a new ballpark to maximize ticket sales and revenue in 2019. Most importantly, the GM is the leader of the team and staff, and is expected to create an environment of excellence for his or her internal staff and the team’s patrons/customers.
With strategic executive direction from an on-site operating partner and involved new ownership group the GM will handle the following:
  • Act as the leading force behind innovative and robust ticket, group and event sales and play a role in creating lasting relationships for the new ballpark’s many types of groups areas. 
  • Create all revenue stream plans and processes such as: sponsorship packages, ticket packages, seating charts, pricing, merchandising strategy, and event packages. Think strategically and plan accordingly to maximize value of new ballpark in 2020.
  • Create and lead ticket sales teams to develop dynamic, innovative new packages that maximize the opportunities available because of a new ballpark opening in 2020. 
  • Create and develop a networking relationship in the community in order for the team to prosper long term. Maintain relationship with key city personnel to ensure the new stadium is kept up to date and in premier condition.
  • Develop, procure, and select all start up operational systems that support the business such as: ticketing systems, customer database system, IT needs, office operational needs, and overall ball park operational needs that support and run all game-days.
  • Manage all operations of the team with assistance from senior leadership; providing continual direction and oversight for all business and administrative affairs as it functions in the community.
  • Help to brand and create a new team identity including: logo development, media campaign strategies, mascot selection, in game promotional structures, etc.
  • Handle additional start-up duties as identified. 
Essential Job Functions:
  • Manage the daily business and sales operations of the team with a particular focus on ticket sales. 
  • Responsible for creating, planning and attaining a budget on a yearly basis. 
  • Communicate budgetary needs with ownership concisely and regularly. 
  • Responsible for identifying, maintaining, and selling sponsorship revenues to support the club.
  • Manage all functions of the Director of Ticket Sales and the Assistant General Manager in the efforts of achieving sales goals.
  • Manage all functions of operational leadership to ensure all operational and customer delivery systems perform at a high level.
  • Responsible for ensuring that sales team maximizes sales opportunities and sells tickets to fill the stadium.
  • Handles the management of all team and stadium expenses.
  • Responsible for working in tandem with food and beverage management to ensure a premier customer experience. 
  • Manage and supervise all merchandising strategies. 
  • Lead hiring strategy and make new hires related to staff needed to support new ballpark features like video board, etc.
  • Responsible for all sales related to stadium events and rentals. 
  • Plan baseball and non-baseball events and delegating tasks to appropriate team staff members.
  • Recognizes non-baseball events as a possibly significant revenue stream and manages sales staff to maximize this opportunity.
  • Develops inventive ideas to create or increase overall ballpark revenue streams for the team.
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the team and stadium with the press and the public. 
  • Responsible for providing both a unique and exciting experience to patrons of the ballpark.
  • Ensures the overall coordination and management of game day staff.
  • Ensures the overall coordination and management of special events with the City of Kannapolis.
  • Works with City of Kannapolis to maximize new development and new residents’ experience in downtown area.
  • Manages any customer concerns, expectations, and issues as they come up.
  • Acts as a daily contact for the Major League Team as contacted.
  • Acts as a leader, manager and mentor to all staff that works on the team; creating a culture where people perform and enjoy their workplace.
  • Responsible for recruiting and hiring staff.
  • Responsible for training new staff on operational and sales processes.
Skill Requirements:
We will not consider any applicants without specific minor/major league baseball experience or other major PROFESSIONAL sports team sales management experience. We will not accept direct emails, please apply through this candidate system only.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field required.
  • Candidate must have 4-5 years minimum experience as a strong  Sales Director/ Assistant General Manager or General Manager with a proven track record of both management and sales success.
  • Applicant track record must show a “major” in sales and management with a “minor” in ballpark operations.
  • Individual sales experience in sponsorships and ticketing with a proven track record is a must.
  • Experience setting goals and managing ticket sales team a must.
  • Previous experience developing and managing an operating budget required.
  • Superior communication skills a must.
  • Strong sales instincts and the ability to learn from others.
  • Solid organizational and time management skills.
  • The ability to work long hours, including weekends, and holidays as necessary.
  • The ability to lead others to achieve while teaching them the why’s and how’s.
  • Recruiting and hiring experience a must.
  • Experience developing junior level team players a must.
  • Familiarity with computerized ticketing systems and all operational systems that run a ballpark a must.
  • Exceptional customer service skills required.
  • Startup experiences a plus

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Do you have specific sports experience?

  3. How many people do you or did you supervise?

  4. How many years have you sold tickets and managed the sales of tickets?

  5. Please explain your sponsorship sales and management experience?

  6. What specific operational experience do you have in management?

  7. What are your base salary requirements, we will not accept negotiable, your resume will not be considered without this data.

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